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Monday 6 June 2016

G.O37 dt.06.06.2016 Implementation of Yoga or Meditation in all the schools and Junior Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh from classes VI to XII from the academic year 2016-17

                                              GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH
School Education Department– Implementation of Yoga or Meditation in all the
schools and Junior Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh from classes VI to
XII from the academic year 2016-17 – Orders – Issued.
G.O.MS.No. 37                                              Dated: 06-06-2016
Read the following:
1. From the Joint Secretary to C.M. CMO, CMP No.1812/JS/2015
(VIJ) , dated 05.04.2016.
2. From the Commissioner & Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt
(AYUSH), A.P. Hyderabad, Note No. 500/C2/2016, dated
In pursuance of the decision of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource Development (GoI) has transferred four components of the “Scheme on Quality Improvement in Schools” to National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). “Introduction of Yoga in Schools” is one of the components to be implemented by NCERT. Yoga has
been an integral part of the subject “Health and Physical Education”, which is a compulsory subject up to the secondary school stage.
2. The prime outline of the stipulations made in the National Curriculum Framework - 2005 and the Position Paper on Health and Physical Education emphasizes “Participation of all children in free play, informal and formal games, Yoga and sports activities for their physical and psycho-social development”.
3. Government have also observed that Yoga or Meditation is essentially a discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is physical activity for healthy living.
4. Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby orders for implementation of Yoga or Meditation in all schools and Junior Colleges from classes VI to XII from the academic year 2016-17 as a part and parcel of Physical Literacy in the State of Andhra Pradesh by involving reputed Yoga
Organizations in the country, especially ISHA Foundation as a coordinator of the Programme.
5. The Commissioner of School Education, the Commissioner of Intermediate Education and all the participant Departments shall take necessary further action on the following items for successful implementation of programme:-
i. This programme shall be implemented in all categories of schools and
Jr. Colleges functioning under the Government, aided and unaided Private managements imparting education from classes VI to XII in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
ii. Services of reputed Yoga / Meditation organizations shall be utilized in promoting Yoga or Meditation for benefiting the Students, Teachers etc of the State. Their services may be utilized for Establishment of centers of excellence in Yoga & Naturopathy / Meditation wellness centers etc., for
imparting training to Students, Volunteers, PETs and other working teachers / lecturers in School / Intermediate Education.
iii. Continue the Yoga / Meditation training programme designed for Physical Education Teachers / Physical Directors working in the School /Intermediate Education Department.

iv. The School Education Department shall design a detailed training and skill development programme with Yoga courses / Meditation courses ranging from basic, advanced and professional levels of Yoga / Meditation.Trained personnel will be facilitated to get accreditation under the Govt. of India schemes of accreditation of Yoga / Meditation professionals. The refresher courses shall also be designed for improvement of Yoga / Meditation skills.
v. Adopt the existing syllabus of Education Department of State for imparting Yoga / Meditation Education and if it is necessary, for any improvements in syllabus, shall decide based on NCERT guidelines. The books, prescribed by the National Council for Educational Research and Training
(NCERT) for Yoga shall also be utilized for Yoga / Meditation training.
vi. The Inspecting authority, as the case may be, shall inspect the institution along with a qualified and trained Yoga or Meditation Teacher to monitor the implementation of Yoga or Meditation, assess the quality of implementation etc. The assistance from the representatives of Yoga /Meditation organizations shall also be utilized at the time of inspection.
vii. Registrations of organizations / qualified individuals, who are having required Yoga or Meditation skills, shall be started, well before opening of Schools / Jr. Colleges for the academic year 2016-17. As soon as empanelment is over, allocation of specific districts/divisions and areas will
be completed and the training programmes will commence thereafter and will be completed before 30th of June, 2016.
viii. The School Education Department shall assign specific areas namely districts / divisions or tasks to the reputed and eligible organizations/ individuals who are interested and willing in promoting Yoga or Meditation.
ix. The School Education Department shall involve ISHA Foundation for overall coordination in implementation of Yoga / Meditation in the State as the Government of India has nominated the ISHA Foundation to coordinate the programme in Andhra Pradesh.
x. The Teachers/Lecturers must be trained in all aspects of Yoga or Meditation by reputed Yoga / Meditation Organizations/ foundations before introducing Yoga or Meditation in Schools.
xi. The Commissioner of School Education has to make necessary budgetary allocations towards purchase of material such as ‘Dari’ / Mattresses for performing Yoga / Meditation and other requirements like playground or indoor hall in the institutions, functioning under School Education
Department. In respect of Junior Colleges, the Commissioner / Director of Intermediate Education is responsible for such issues.
xii. Utilize the existing funds of the participant departments for the purpose to begin with and also to tap the funds from Government of India under various schemes.
xiii. Support of non-governmental organizations, reputed Yoga / Meditation organizations and individuals who are willing to come forward the implementation of this initiative with their own source of funding and infrastructure etc, shall also be taken. Funding under corporate social responsibility and Smart Village Smart Andhra Pradesh partnership may also be explored.
xiv. The Audio Visual equipment available in the digital classrooms shall be utilized for teaching of Yoga or Meditation, where necessary.
xv. The Yoga or Meditation shall be practiced thrice a week from within the time and hours specified for Physical Literacy/ Sports.
xvi. In Private Schools/Jr. Colleges where the existing PET/P.D. is not qualified to teach Yoga or Meditation, a Yoga or Meditation knowing instructor shall be appointed by the management at their own cost.
xvii. Necessary precautions shall be taken before, during and after performingYoga or Meditation.
xviii. Implementation of Yoga or Meditation is mandatory for all types of Educational Institutions imparting education at classes VI to XII.
6. Every school and Jr. College whether Government or Aided or Private unaided shall constitute a committee to look after the teaching of Yoga or Meditation and performance of the students. The committee shall have the following:
i. Head Master/Principal of the School/College as the case may be.
ii. Physical Education Teachers of the School/College
iii. Representative of ISHA Foundation
iv. One Member from the Parent-teachers’ Association.
7. Government have also decided to constitute an inter-departmental committee for coordination and synergy between various departments. Accordingly, Government hereby constitutes a committee with all member departments noted below for overseeing implementation of Yoga or Meditation in all Schools and Junior Colleges from Classes VI to XII from the academic year 2016-17.The committee will work out modalities by involving reputed Voluntary and Yoga / Meditation Organizations / Corporate Bodies. Day-to-day implementation of the programme is to be done by the Commissioner of School Education and the Commissioner of Intermediate Education. The School Education Department is the Nodal Department for implementing and monitoring
the policy. The composition of the Committee is as follows: -
1 The Principal Secretary to Government, School Education Chairperson
2 The Commissioner of School Education. Member
3 The Commissioner & Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt
4 The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P.
5 The Commissioner, Municipal Administration and Urban
Development, A.P. Hyderabad
6 The Director, Youth and Sports, A.P. Hyderabad Member
7 The Commissioner, Social Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad Member
8 The Commissioner, Tribal Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad Member
9 The Commissioner, B.C. Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad Member
10 The Director, Minorities Welfare A.P. Hyderabad Member
11 Representative of ISHA Foundation, Coimbatore Member
8. All the Departments concerned shall take necessary further action in the
                                                                                                           ADITYA NATH DAS
                                                                                   PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT
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