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Wednesday 16 March 2016

AP Rc.99 Dt.14.3.16 DSC Non availability of candidates in local under SC/ST/BC De-reservation to Non-Local SC/ST/BC

                                         Present:  K.  Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S.,
Rc.No.  99/TRC-1/2016                                                                         Dated:  14.03.2016
Sub:-      TET  cum   TRT 2014  -Kum.Umrne   Salama,   Unemployee-applied for the  post  of SGT (Urdu)-  Non-availability   of candidates in local under SC/ST /BC   for  selection requesting   to   determine  the eligibility   to  the   local  Quota   for  De-reservation   to  Non-Local candidates for SC/ST/BC  - Clarification-issued.

Read:-    Representation of Kum.Umme  Salama,  Unemployee,   dt.Nil.
                             In the  representation Kurn.Umme  Salama, Unemployee has  reported that she  belongs  to Krishna   District  and  appeared  for the  post  of SGT (Urdu)  as  a Non-Local  candidate  in  East  Godavari   District  and  secured  is1 rank. She  also stated that  there are  no other  qualified candidates  for the  post  of SGT (Urdu). But  the  DEO East  Godavari District  is not inclined to follow the  Roster  system under Non-Local Quota  due  to non availability  of 20%.
                   Further,  she   also   reported  that   9  posts  are   available under  various categories,   out   of  which   4  posts    (2  posts    for  ZP/MPP   and   2   posts   for Municipality) are  available under open  category. Therefore she  requested to de• reserve  this posts  and  requested  for appointment under Non-Local  Quota.
              In this connection the DEO East Godavari,  Kakinada is informed that Government  have  issued   the  following  orders  in  G.O.P.No.763,     G.A.  (SPF-A) Dept dated:   15.11.1975    vide Annexurc-1.
                 Procedure   for   implementation    of  the   reservation  in   favour   of  Local candidates    provided     under      the     Andhra     Pradesh    Public    employment (Organisation  of Local Cadres  and  regulation of direct  recruitment)   order  1975 in   respect  of  categories  of  posts   for  which   single  cadre  recruitment   i.e., Recruitment of candidates to a single  local  cadre  is to be made.
                      1.  The   number  of  posts  reserved  in  favour   of  Local   candidates   in relation   to  the   local   area   in  respect   of  the   category   of  posts    in  the  local cadre   shall   first   be  determined, this   number  shall   be  the   prescribed   percentage   of  all  the   vacant posts    to  be  filled by direct  recruitmen,t any   fraction   of  posts    being   counted   as  one provided  that   there   shall   be  at least   one  post   unreserved.
                       In  view  of the  above,  the  DEO East  Godavari,   Kakinada  as well as  the other  DEOs in the  state are requested to take action  as per  the  above orders  of the Government.
               This has  the approval of Commissioner of the School Education.

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