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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Rc.No.289/ /(El-1)/A &1/2013 Dated:14.03.2016 Communication Of Amendment Orders G.O Ms No 13 dt 03.03.2016 to the A.P. Study of Language in School Education Rule,2003

                                                   A.P.,    HYDERABAD
                                                  Present:  K Sandhya  Rani  I.Po.S
Rc.No.  289/   /(El-1)/A    & 1/2013                                                                            Dated:  14.03.2016
Sub:      School   Education - Implementation   of Three Language Formula from   the  Academic  Year   2003    -   2004    -   The   A.P.    Study of Languages     in    School    Education   Rule,    2003    -   Amendment Orders   -  Issued - Communicated   -  Regarding.
1.  G.O.Ms      No    86    (SE-C     &    TBP)     Department     dated    the 02.07.2003
2.   Orders     of   the   Hon'ble   High    Court   dated   17.02.2016    in CC.No.1676     of 2014   in  W.P.No.26541/2003        filed  by  Siddiqui Aided  School   Committee.
3.  G.O.Ms.No.        13    School     Education    (EXAMS)     Department Dated: 03.03.2016
The   attention    of  all   the   District     Educational   Officers    in   the   State  is invited   to  the  references  read  above and   they   are informed   that  in  compliance of the  court  order   in  the  reference  2nd read  above,   the Government have  issued the  Amendment   to   G.O.Ms    No   86    (SE-C  &   TBP)  Department     dated   the 02.07.2003     in  the reference 3rd  read  above.
A copy  of the  reference  3rd  read  above  is  communicated  herewith    to all the   District  Educational   Officers   in  the   State and   they are  requested  to  take necessary  action   at  their end.
This   has  the   approval  of  the   Commissioner   of  School    Education,   A.P., Hyderabad.
Encl:  As Above.                                                                                            
                                                                                              For Commissioner of School
All The District Educational Officers In The State  
Copy to the All the Regional Directors Of School Education In The State For Information 

Download GO MS NO 13 DT -The AP Study of Languages in School Education Rules, 2003 – Amendment Orders                            
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