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Thursday 30 May 2024

Nadu-Nedu Phase 2 Completion of works by 12th June 2024

Nadu-Nedu Phase 2 Completion of works by 12th June 2024 Instructions to District Education Officers and -  Additional Project Coordinators regarding completion of works by 12th June 2024


Completion of Nadu Nedu components before re-opening of Schools in the State - Instructions issued - regarding  Circular.No.2453202 /MBNN/2024 Dated.29/05/2024


Ref: Instructions issued in the Webex meeting held on 28.05.2024.


In the reference cited, the instructions were issued to the all field level functionaries to complete all Nadu Nedu components before reopening of schools on 12.06.2024 as detailed below:


Important tasks to be commenced before re-opening of Schools:

  • Ensure that all the Nadu Nedu Components ( civil works) are completed by 12th June, 2024 and installation of fixtures like doors windows and GCBs may be done after 12thJune.
  • In case of Additional Class Rooms efforts should be made to target completion of ACRs up to slab level by 12.06.2024. Only brick work, painting & finishing shall be taken up after 12thJune, 2024).
  • DEOs/Additional Project coordinators in the State should utilize TEO (funds) and TEO (material) option for required fund and material mobilization to complete Additional Class Rooms up to Slab level.
  • DEOs/APCs shall issue instructions to HMs and MEOs to ensure removal of debris and other construction material from the construction sites to prevent any accidents or injuries to students.
  • All the supplied CPM material should be installed and be made functional before the reopening of schools.
Hence, All the District Education Officers and Additional Project Co-ordinators are instructed to ensure compliance of the above instructions by the concerned field staff.

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