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Friday 12 April 2024

AP Students Transferring to next higher classes, Mapping to opted schools

AP Students Transferring to next higher classes, Mapping to opted schools Students Transfer and Mapping to other school transferring the students to next higher classes Mapping of students to the opted new schools Streamlining the process of transferring the students to next higher classes without insisting on any documents - Mapping of students to the opted schools - Orders issued PARENT / GUARDIAN DECLARATION SCHOOL OPTION FORM


School Education- Streamlining the process of transferring the students to next higher classes without insisting on any documents – Mapping of students to the opted schools - Orders issued Rc.No.ESE02-3018312019-A&I -CSE Dt:#ApprovedDated#



1) RTE Act 2009 Dated 26-08-2009

2) This office Proc. Rc.No 235/A&I/2019 dated 22-06-2019


The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the references cited above, and they are informed that every academic year there is a regular process of promoting and transfer of students to another schools for next higher class.


Over the years, it is observed that transition of the students from lower class (where the maximum class is 2,5,7 or 8) to higher class in the new schools are not been done properly due to non-convergence of the head masters in admitting the children from one school to another school. It is noticed that the HMs are still insisting for different documents like Record sheet, TC, Caste Certificate, Birth Certificate & Other Certificates resulting in hardships to the parents and delaying the migration process. Due to this, there are high chances of the children getting dropped out in the transition classes.


To overcome the above scenario the following process is to be adopted:


Mapping of Students to Schools:

Though the online TC facility is still available some schools are following the old process, and the respective students and parents are facing difficulty. As a result, all such students are being kept as “System Drop” until they get admitted and digitalized in any school.


To avoid the above process, this year the School Education Department has proposed to streamline and simplify the process of transition of students from one school to the next higher classes in their respective habitation / mandal / district (or) as per the choice of their parents and opt the desired school where they are willing to join. The mapped data shall be automatically transferred to the opted schools from State Headquarters itself after mapping all such student’s and to ensure the same, the following process is to be adopted.

  1. Identifying of Schools / Students where next higher classes are not available.
  2. Obtaining the option form the parents.
  3. Provisioning facility to map students to the OPTED school.
  4. Transferring the students to the OPTED schools during promotion activity.
Identifying Schools /Students:

A detailed report on Schools / Students where the next higher classes are not available has been prepared and made available in respective DEO / MEO logins of Student info portal. The said reports are to be downloaded and special teams must be constituted exclusively for the said transition process. NO student should be left in any school / system dropout.


Option Form from parents:

A declaration form consisting of the opted school details shall be obtained from the parents of all the above students. The Option Form shall consist of District / Mandal / village / ward / School Details (enclosed).


Provision for Mapping in Student Info Portal:-


All students studying in Government Schools under all managements need to be tagged to their next higher class joining school. Provision is given in the student info site. Headmaster shall obtain the OPTION form from the parents and select the respective school against each student (detailed User Manual along with declaration form is attached in Annexure­1).


Auto transferring the students to the opted schools:

All students shall be transferred automatically to the opted schools to the promoted classes from state headquarters itself. An SMS alert / Welcome message will be sent to the parents of the students after successfully tagging them to the school of their choice.


Eliminating the traditional mandatory documents:


In the past few decades, documents such as DOB Certificate, Caste certificate, Nativity certificate, Residence certificate etc. have been  mandated for admission into the school where all parents are facing inconvenience to obtain and submit such documents.


As per RTE -2009 U/s: 5, “Transfer Certificate shall not be a reason for denying or delaying admission in another school. This provision should lead to States instituting reform to remove procedural barriers to obtaining Transfer Certificates”.


Since all the documents are now digitalized while admitting the students in class 1, it has been decided not to insist on any documents during transfer of students from one school to another school. It should  be noted that for this process Child ID/Aadhar Number/PEN is enough, no need of Online TC / Offline TC.


However, regular process of obtaining T.C. and Migration certificate and other necessary certificates are to be followed for the students from other states and all such student’s data have to be dropped from UDISE+ portal in their state and mapped in Andhra Pradesh.


Also ensure that DIGILOCKER is opened for all students at the time of enrollment in class ONE itself. (please read the instructions already issued in this regard)


Mandating Permanent Education Number (PEN) :-


Permanent Education Number (PEN) is the unique identifier for all students in India. PEN would be a unique number assigned to each student during Class 1 admission and would remain the same throughout their academic career. Ministry of Education, Government of India is providing this to all students through UDISE+ portal. This PEN shall be given in the initial year itself and will be valid for lifelong.


From the Academic Year 2024-25 PEN should be mandated for all students except for the students admitted in Class 1. The said number shall be allotted to Class 1 students on successful entry in UDISE portal.


Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to bestow their personal attention in the above process and ensure smooth transition of all students on or before 23-04-2024 with out fail as per the target annexed to this proceedings.

Download CSE Proceedings

Download Students Transfer and Mapping User Manual


Download English Form   Download Telugu Form

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