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Tuesday 5 March 2024

Future Skills Experts Sensitization Programme Live

Future Skills Experts Sensitization Programme Live YouTube Link March 2024

Sensitization Programme on Future Skills Experts on March 5, 2024. It's essential that all Future Skills Experts, Teachers, and Headmasters, along with 8th and 9th Class Students, tune in to the live stream via YouTube using the following link: []. The program will commence at 11:00 AM on March 5, 2024.

Please ensure that this message should reach all Headmasters, Principals, and Special Officers in KGBVs in your district, and ask them to utilize Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) to access the program via YouTube Live. In cases where IFPs are unavailable, instruct them to arrange alternate arrangements like Smart TV, LCD projectors etc.,

To watch Live click here

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