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Friday 15 March 2024

APGLI Online Data Verification

APGLI Online Data Verification How to verify APGLI Data in Nidhi APCFSS Online Portain employee logins on Nidhi portal nidhi.apcfss.in for verification and confirmation GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH DIRECTORATE OF INSURANCE

APGLI Online Data Verification and Confirmation NOTICE:

1. The Government vide the G.O.Ms.No.18, Finance (Admn-III. (DI&DSA)) Department dated 16-02- 2024, has issued the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund Rules, 2024 & vide the G.O.Ms.No.19, Finance (Admn-III. (DI&DSA)) dated 16-02-2024 issued orders for streamlining & online delivery of APGLI services for the benefit of the Policyholders.

2. Further, the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department (APGLI), after a detailed exercise, has updated the policy data of all APGLI Policyholders containing their policy details, credits received and Current Loan availed.

APGLI Online Data Verification

3. This aforementioned data is being made available in the respective employee logins on Nidhi portal (https://nidhi.apcfss.in/) for verification and confirmation.

4. The printed copies of the policy wise data are also being distributed to all the policy holders. through the concerned DDOS.

5. The employees are requested to verify the correctness of the policy data and in case of any discrepancies, bring it to the notice of APGLI office through mail dir_ccell_apgli@ap.gov.in, by 30-04-2024, for examination and rectification if required

6. All the Policyholders are hereby informed that if no representation for rectification is made by 30-04-2024, the data will be deemed to be accurate and final for all future purposes.

Download APGLI Notice pdf copy

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