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Saturday 20 January 2024

National Voters Day 2024 Celebration, Pledge

National Voters Day 2024 Celebration, Pledge National Voters Day on 25th January, 2024 - Certain instructions

School Education - Celebration of National Voters Day on 25th January, 2024 - Certain instructions - Issued Memo.No.ESE02-30/84/2023-A&I -CSE Dated:19/01/2024

Ref:- Lr.Rc.No.30/Elecs.D/2023-9, dt:17.01.2024, of the Chief Electoral Officer, AP along with Lr. No. 491/ ECI/ LET/ FUNC/ SVEEP- I/NVD/2023, Dated.08th January, 2024 of the Election Commission of India, New Delhi.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that, the Chief Electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh in the reference has informed that, the Election Commission of India has been celebrating 25th January, its Foundation Day, as the National Voters' Day every year, since 25th January, 2011 with an aim to increase the enrollment of voters, particularly youth to make universal adult franchise a complete reality and to enhance the quality of Indian democracy. The NVD is also utilized to spread awareness among voters about effective participation in the electoral process. Further, requested to conduct various activities such as debates, discussions and competitions (including drawing, skit, song, painting, essay etc) as a part of National voters' day 2024 with theme "Nothing like Voting, I vote for Sure" in schools and educational institutions.

As seen in the instructions of Election Commission of India on celebration of National Voters Day (25th Jan-2024), the following Key activities comes under the School Education department:

b) Activities at District HQS:

i. The DEO shall organise the NVD function, at the District headquarters in association with various institutions / organisations such as Panchayat Raj institutions, Academic institutions, Civil Society groups, organisations of youth volunteers like NSS, NCC, Scouts & Guides, NYKS, media etc.

ii. Newly registered voters shall be facilitated by handing over the EPIC Card during NVD function.

iii. Further NVD pledge to be administered to all the people present during the event. Also the pledge to be circulated over whatsapp groups.

iv. Awareness films on Postal Ballot facility, Assured Minimum Facilities, EVM VVPAT, Assured Minimum facilities at Polling Stations, EVM/VVPAT, Voter Helpline App, Ethical Voting etc. in local language shall be shown. Creatives to be made available in accessible formats, in line with the current theme of NVD to make the information available to all stakeholders.

v. These material to be shared through WhatsApp group of various stakeholders. 

vi. DEO may provide the logistics required for the brief ceremony in each polling station area.

vii. The logo for 'National Voters' Day', which reinforces the importance of voting, shall also be suitably used on official stationery, merchandise websites, Election related presentations etc.

Further, the Election Commission of India has informed the Chief Secretaries of all States to conduct activities such as debates, discussions, and competitions (including drawing, skit, song, painting, essay, etc.) as part of the National Voters' Day (NVD) celebrations on the theme of NVD celebrations for this year "Noting like Voting, I vote for sure".

Further requested to administer the voters pledge on National Voters' Day and to take the NVD pledge at around 11:00 AM or at any suitable time during the day, on 25th January, 2024 and the photographs of all these events / activities, may be uploaded using #NVD2024, on their respective social media handles or website, wherever possible.

Voters Pledge:

"We, the citizens of India, having abiding faith in democracy, hereby pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of our country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, and to vote in every election fearlessly and without being influenced by considerations of religion, race, caste, community, language or any inducement".

ఓటర్ల ప్రతిజ్ఞ:

భారతదేశ పౌరులమయిన మేము. ప్రజాస్వామ్యంపై విశ్వాసంతో, మన దేశ ప్రజాస్వామ్మ సాంప్రదాయాలను, స్వేచ్ఛాయుత, నిష్పక్షపాత, ప్రశాంత ఎన్నికల ప్రాభవాన్ని నిలబెడతామనీ, మతం, జాతి, కులం, వర్గం, భాష లేదా ఎటువంటి ఒత్తిడులకు ప్రభావితం కాకుండా ప్రతి ఎన్నికలో నిర్భయంగా ఓటు చేస్తామని ఇందుమూలంగా ప్రతిజ్ఞ చేస్తున్నాము.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to disseminate the above information to all the Head of Institutions functioning under their respective jurisdictions and also to take up the Voter's pledge on 25th January, 2024.

Encls: As above.

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