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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Kala Utsav 2023 District, State Level Competitions

Kala Utsav 2023 District, State Level Competitions Guidelines, Action Plan, Entry Form, Awards Proforma for submitting entries SCERT- AP- Organizing of District level and State level Kala Utsav - 2023 competitions to select the best participants for the National level competitions

SCERT- AP- Organizing of District level and State level Kala Utsav - 2023 competitions - to select the best participants for the National level competitions - regarding Rc.No:ESE02-22/47/2023-SCERT  Dt: 06.12.2023


1.,Dt.19.07.2023 from NCERT, Delhi.

2. F.N.O:9-2-2023-24/DEAA/KU/GUIDELINES & REPORT/714, Dt:21.08.2023 from Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Delhi.

3. Memo No: 2199888/PROG-I/A2/2023,Dated :07.09.2023 from Additional Secretary to Government, A.P




All the District Educational Officers and all the principals of DIETS in the state are informed that as per the plan of action 2023-24 , the guidelines given by NCERT , it is proposed to conduct state level KALA UTSAV-2023-24 competitions offline/ Direct mode , in the given 10 events to the students of IX, X, XI, XII classes, of Government , Aided, Private, schools and schools of other organizations, local bodies etc., can participate at the District and State Level competitions. The winners of state level competitions will be sent to National level in Delhi from 09.01.2024 to 12.01.2024. In this regard, the principals of all DIETs in the state are informed to organize Kala Utsav competitions at the Divisional and District level before 09.12.2023 to 12.12.2023.


Further, they are informed that the state level competitions will be conducted during the 14.12.2023 and 15.12.2023 (for 2days) at Murali resort, Near Narayanapuram bus stop, Nidamanuru, Poranki, Vijayawada for the final selections of the National level competitions as per the Guidelines enclosed. Every competition must follow the stipulated guidelines issued by Kaia Utsav, NCERT, Delhi. Finally, the state level First prize winners will get the opportunity to participate at the National Level competitions during the 09.01.2024 to 12.01.2024 at Delhi.


The Principals of DIETs are informed to promote interest in various art forms to impart knowledge, experience and to know about the Art & culture, traditions, culture exchange, and unity in Diversity.


In the above context, the principals can spend Rs.50,000/- and submit the utilization certificates with original bills to Samagra Shiksha, AP for perusal.


The Principals of DIETs are the coordinators of Kala Utsav- 2023 (the erstwhile districts will be included in the DIET level competitions).Detailed guidelines of Kala Utsav-2023 is enclosed herewith.


The following are the general guidelines for the conduct of Kala Utsav 2023 competitions.

General Guidelines for kala Utsav-2023 (offline/direct mode)


The focus of Kala Utsav 2023 will be any of the styles of traditional folk and classical Art forms as solo. The following Art forms are included for competitions:

  1. Vocal Music -Classical
  2. Vocal Music - Traditional Folk
  3. Instrumental Music- Percussive
  4. Instrumental Music-Melodic
  5. Dance -Classical
  6. Dance -Folk
  7. Visual Arts - (2 Dimensional)painting, craft work, nail work, sand work, glass , fabric , wall , canvas paintings.
  8. VISUAL ARTS -(3 Dimensional) clay, brick, mud, paper pulp, wood,
  9. Indigenous Toys and Games
  10. DRAMA -(Solo Acting)


Students Of Classes 9th, 10th, 11th And 12th of any Government, Govt. Aided and private schools can participate in KALA UTSAV 2023-24, Private schools and schools of local bodies located in the state can participate at the district and state level competitions.


NOTE: WINNERS who won 1ST 2ND, 3RD position)of the previous years of National kala Utsav are not allowed to participate in KALA UTSAV 2023-24.




The National Level Kala Utsav 2023-24 will be conducted through OFFLINE mode/ DIRECT mode. Schedule of the competitions in different categories will be from 09.01.2024 to 12.01.2024 at New Delhi.




One male and one female in each category will be eligible for the entry in each of the 10 categories. Entries for kala Utsav, will have only to student performers who are studying in classes IX to XII and have prepared under the supervision of the school authorities. Participation of professional artists / performers is not allowed as entry.






Sl. No





Vocal Music - Classical

 1 Female Student + 1 Male Student  Hindustani/Carnatic


Vocal Music - Traditional Folk  1 Female Student +1 Male Student  Any Dialect Or Style


Instrumental Music - Percussive

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Any Traditional Indian Percussion


Instrumental Music-Melodic

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Any Traditional Indian Melodic


Dance -Classical

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Classical Forms


Dance - Folk

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Traditional Folk Of Any State


Visual Arts 2 Dimensional

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Drawing Or Painting And Print Making


Visual Arts -3 Dimensional

1 Female Student +1 Male Student



Indigenous Toys &Games

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Traditional Toys And Games


Drama - Solo Acting

1 Female Student +1 Male Student

Any Enactment Done Individually


Thus every State can submit total of 20 entries, i.e. 10 male and 10 female participants.


Proforma for submitting entries: Every entry is to be supported with the duly filled and signed proforma (given in annexure I,II )by the Nodal officers of State to ensure participation at National Level.


VIDEO FILM: Video film of the state level performance in each category is to be submitted for the National level. In the visual Art category (2D ,3D And indigenous toys and games) , pictures of the artwork should also be provided along with the video films. The Kala Utsav-2023 back drop with the name of programme, date and venue will be displayed at all competition venues ensuring its visibility in the video. The maximum duration of the video film is 5 minutes only and strictly should be with the participant's skills must be focused on. The video as part of the National level entry is to be uploaded along with the programme and textual summary. In respect of indigenous Toys and Games, apart from the video, one clear photo also should be submitted.


Textual summary: (write up): A brief textual summary not more than 100 words typed/ in word document format either in Hindi or English is to be submitted/uploaded with the entry. The summary is to be prepared on occasions when the art form is made or performed, costumes, accompanying instruments , props, related to the art form with the environment style techniques, materials used etc., The textual summary can be supported with photographs (maximum 5) of participant in making of his/her performance etc.,




AWARDS: All the winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded with cash prize, a trophy and medals at National Level Competitions. All participants will be given a certificate of National Level participation.




DIET LEVEL: At DIET level where all the winners of school level, Mandal level &divisional level will participate for DIET level competitions through offline mode. 1 Female student and 1 Male student will be selected for state level competitions.


Talented DIVYANG Students also must be encouraged. Do not hesitate to select the real talented DIVYANG CHILDREN to participate and to win.


State level: Selected students from District level will participate at State Level.1 female student and 1 male student from each category through offline will be selected for National Level Competitions. 1+1 escort teachers may accompany the students to the state level competitions. If any others accompany along with the students, they should make their own arrangements for their lodging and boarding separately.


NATIONAL LEVEL: This is the final and culminating level of kala Utsav where the best of the state entries will showcase their talent i.e. 1. Female Student, 1 male Student from each category will be participated at the national level on behalf of the state.


In view of the above all the principals of DIETs in the state are requested to take action as stated below.

  1. To issue necessary instructions to all Headmasters/ mistresses/principals to conduct competitions and to send the selected participants for the DIET LEVEL competitions with all necessary evidence, write ups and
  2. To ensure proper conduct of DIET level KALA UTSAV - 2023 competitions through offline mode and submit their entries to the State Nodal officer in respect of the participants who stood first in the DIET level KALA UTSAV­2023 Competitions only in all the given 10 events. i.e., 1 Female, 1 male (first position) total 10(male) +10(female) from each DIET.
  3. To Give wide publicity through press& media. Collect and submit the paper cuttings and clippings to the state nodal officer to prepare a documentation for the presentation and submission as evidence.
  4. The Principals of DIETs will be informed the details as and when the schedule is available for National Level kala Utsav 2023 competitions through offline. So prepare the participants for the journey to National level competitions.
  5. Soon after the completion of competitions, submit the necessary documents & the google sheet to the concerned without delay.

Further, instructed to take all kinds of precautionary measures for conducting kala Utsav- 2023-24 competitions in the offline mode successfully. We trust you that the real talent will be respected & in turn to prove at National level competitions. Please ensure that all participants must follow the guidelines for every event strictly, without any deviation.


And we request you to depute one POC from each DIET for further communication. Please ensure that every entry must have the required information. The entry with incomplete information will be disqualified. The information from each DIET must reach the concerned coordinator for review on or before 12.12.2023 by 6.00 P.M.


The final decision will be from the organizers only.


This has got the approval of Commissioner of School Education, A.P 


Encl: Guidelines For Kala Utsav 2023-24.

Download Proceedings | Guidelines | Annexure-1

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