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Friday 6 October 2023

Learn A Word A Day - Day-wise Words List, Usage October 2023

Learn A Word A Day - Day-wise Words List, Usage October 2023 Learn A Word A Day October 2023 Day-wise Words List, with Usage, Spelling, Meaning, Phonetic Script, Other forms, Synonyms, Usage

 Learn A Word A Day October2023 Activity Schedule:

  • Everyday, one word will be announced in the assembly.
  • In the first period, the class teacher will write the word and its meaning on the corner of the blackboard.
  • In English period, the teacher will explain the word, its pronunciation, spelling, parts of speech, and the meaning of the word in both languages, other forms of the word if any and its usage. Students will ride the word in the dictionary using a pencil.
  • Students are asked to copy the word in a separate 100 pages notebook to maintain it as their "My Own Dictionary" which is frequently checked by the teacher.

30-10-2023   Learn a word a Day

✅ LEVEL  - 1 ( Classes 1 to 2 )
Feel = అనుభూతి 

✅ LEVEL - 2 ( Classes 3,4 & 5 )
Float = తేలియాడున్నట్లు, వదలిపెట్టు

✅ LEVEL - 3 (Classes 6,7 & 8 )
Put somebody up = ఎవరినైనా పైకి లేపుట 

✅ LEVEL - 4 (Classes 9 to 10 )
Resemble = పోలి ఉండుట

Learn a Word a Day 30-10-2023 PDF
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