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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Age Limit for AP Direct Recruitment Jobs

Age Limit for  AP Direct Recruitment Jobs  APPSC Upper Age Limit for Uniform services for Direct Recruitment 2023-2024

PUBLIC SERVICES – Direct Recruitment - Relaxation of upper age limit from 34 to 42 years for the posts in all Non-Uniform Service for the ensuing recruitments through A.P. Public Service Commission and other Recruiting Agencies up to 30-09-2024 - Orders - Issued.


Read the following:-

  1. O.Ms.No.396, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:05.11.2016
  2. O.Ms.No.182, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:04-12-2017
  3. O.Ms.No.89, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:28.06.2018
  4. O.Ms.No.132, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:15.10.2018.
  5. O.Ms.No.52, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:17.06.2020.
  6. O.Ms.No.105, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:27.09.2021.
  7. O.Ms.No.101, G.A.(Ser.A) Dept., dated:30.09.2022.


In the G.O. 1st Read above, an Ad-hoc rule was issued as follows:

“Not withstanding anything contained in the A.P. State & Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 or in the Special Rules or in the Adhoc Rules for any State Service or Subordinate Service and in supersession of the orders issued in G.O.Ms. No. 295, General Administration (Ser.A) Department, dated: 23-9-2014 and G.O.Ms. No. 381, General Administration (Ser.A) Department, dated:17-10-2016 the maximum age limit prescribed in the said rules for appointment by direct recruitment shall be raised from 34 to 42 years for the purpose of direct recruitment to the various categories of posts to be notified from the date of issuance of this G.O. and up to 30.09.2017 by all the recruiting agencies in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The age concession over and above the upper age limit shall also be allowed to the categories as provided under Rule 12 of the A.P. State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996.

Provided that nothing in this rule shall apply for direct recruitment to the posts of uniformed services of Police, Excise, Fire, Prisons, Forest Department and Transport Departments for which physical standards have been prescribed in the State and Subordinate Service Rules or in the relevant Special or Adhoc rules”.

  1. The said maximum age limit is being extended from time to time upto 30.09.2023 vide G.O. 2nd to 7th read above.
  2. Government after careful examination of the matter have decided that the existing orders issued in 101, G.A. (Ser.A) Dept., dated:30.09.2022, relaxing the upper age limit from 34 to 42 years for the posts in all Non-Uniform Service recruitment to be notified by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission and other recruiting agencies, be extended up to 30.09.2024, in addition to the age concession over and above the Upper age limit prescribed to the categories under Rule 12 of the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996. Accordingly, Government hereby direct that the above adhoc rule be extended upto 30.09.2024.
  3. Accordingly, the following Notification will be published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette:-


In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India and of all other powers hereunto enabling, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following amendment to the Adhoc Rule issued in G.O.Ms.396, General Administration (Ser.A) Department Dt.05.11.2016.


In the said Adhoc Rule, for the expression “upto 30.09.2023”, the expression “up to 30.09.2024”, shall be substituted.

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