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Friday 19 May 2023

Release of Budget for JVK 4 Kits Transportation

Release of Budget for JVK 4 Kits Transportation Packing expenses, Mandal Team Conveyance Allowances, Transportation Loading, Unloading Charges, All Taxes


JVK4 -Transportation of JVK 4 Kits from Mandal Stock Point to School Stock Point - Release of Budget for JVK4 Kit packing expenses, Mandal Team conveyance allowances and instructions for transportation including loading, unloading charges, all taxes & JVK4 Kit - Instructions issued - Reg. Rc.NoSS-16021/26/2023-CMO SEC-SSA, Dt.19/05/2023



1. Three men committee meeting Dt.11.05.2023
2. Work Order Dt. .05.2023
3. G.O.M.S.No.172 Dept.Dt.08.11.2022.

Attention is invited to the subject cited.


All the District Educational Officers &Ex-Officio Project Coordinators, Additional Project Coordinators and Mandal Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that the Govt., of A.P. is taking a prestigious programme of Jagananna Vidya Kanuka in the State. In this regard the Government is Providing the JVK Kit consists Text Books, Work Books, Note Books, Dictionaries, Shoes, Belts, Bags to the Children studying Govt., Schools.


All are aware that the JVK 3 the items were supplied by the suppliers concerned to the Mandal / School Complex Points only. The Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha have arranged the transportation to School Points in earlier years which taken lot of delay in transportation.


In respect of JVK4, the APS RTC and Postal Departments have been requested for transportation of JVK 4 items kits from Mandal point to School Points. But the APSRTC have not come forward and given any proposals. as they have stated that they are not ready for supply the material at present.


Further, the postal Department have submitted their proposal for transportation of the JVK 4 material from Mandal stock Point to School Points with the Unit price of Rs.11.29 paisa per each JVK kit including loading & unloading. In this regard a consent letter is also issued to the Postal Officials and requested to make it convenient to appraise the proposals, plan of action to enter in to agreement/MoU positively within three days. Subsequently they have dropped their proposal.


Under above circumstances & to save delay in finalizing transportation facilities of JVK Kits, it is opined to obtain Quotations from local transport firms.


During the course of selecting firm, four firms have come forward and negotiated with prevailing market prices. Among four firms, M/s. Mayur Associates, Vijayawada have quoted lowest price @Rs.11.50 paisa per each kit of JVK4.


After perusing the above circumstances the State Project Director has pleased to constitute with a committee of CE(SPE), CE(APEWIDC) and AO (SS) to make further negotiations and finalize the rate.


After negotiations with vendors, on 11.05.2023, the committee has arrived a final rate of Rs.11.18 paisa and identified the firm M/s. Mayur Associates, Vijayawada which has agreed for the above unit cost.


In this connection, the MEOs are permitted to avail this arrangement of transportation or they can make their own arrangement with any local transporter without exceeding the approved lowest rate of Rs. 11.18 paisa per each JVK Kit Transportation including loading& unloading including all taxes from Mandal stock point to School Stock Point .

The Mandal Educational Officers in the State are hereby instructed to raise the bills for said transportation charges in F.T.O for transportation including all above charges immediately for transmission of funds from this Office as vendor wise /MEOs wise. The budget provision shown in Annexure-I. They are further instructed to take the services of Transport Firm adopted from this Office or local arrangements subject to not exceeding the above negotiate price Rs.11.18 paisa as per their comfort.


Further they informed that for speedup the JVK 4 material transportation to the School Stock Points, it is decided to release the packing charges & Conveyance allowance to Mandal Teams ( packing expenditure i.e., material cost, logistics, Food/Refreshments, etc., purpose @Rs3.00 per each student and @Rs.100/- per each Mandal Team Member *30 days for conveyance allowance ) are herewith releasing to the Mandal Educational Officers directly from this Office. The details are enclosed in Annexure-II.


Further the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are hereby instructed to expedite the matter to Mandal Level and School level also for speedup the action without fail.


Download JVK 4 Budget Proceedings

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