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Thursday 25 May 2023

AP Teachers Transfers 2023 Doubts-Clarifications

AP Teachers Transfers 2023 Doubts-Clarifications Questions - Answers FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ AP Teachers Transfers Rules 2023, Guidelines for Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teachers







Whether service of aided teachers will be considered ?

Yes. Service points @ 0.5 for every completed year in all categories i.e., (calculation - Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher from the date of joining into aided service to 31.05.2023). The points will be added in the provisional list subject to the verification of DEO concerned.


Whether all Principal Office Bearers of Recognized Teachers Associations (26 districts + State) will get 05 points ?

Only Erstwhile Districts Principal Office Bearers will get 5 points.



Extension of Child Info cut off date (i.e., 31.08.2022) based on actual strength in school ?

No. 31.08.2022 is the cut-off date for re-apportionment process undertaken and completed.


Whether station points will be awarded to DEO pool teachers at the place of working (or) salary drawing post?

Station points will be awarded to the DEO Pool teachers, taking into consideration of their salary drawing post during that period.


Dependents suffering from the diseases specified in 9 (c) - G.O are eligible for preferential categories?

No. Only applicant suffering from the disease are eligible for claiming preferential category.


Teacher affected in re-apportionment, and junior teacher exempted under retirement/disability etc., whether to apply as Junior/Senior?

Apply as Junior Teacher, so as to avail the benefits (i.e., re-apportionment points, old station points, preferential or special points). Such cases have to be scrutinized by the verification officer.


In case of single cadre post (i.e., LFL HM) and affected under re-apportionment, whether to apply as junior or senior?

Apply as Junior Teacher. All such cases shall be scrutinized by verification officers.


Whether Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who have completed 5/8 Academic Years of service shall apply for transfers?




Whether Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who availed preferential or special points in earlier transfer counselling and are now affected under re-apportionment shall eligible for old station points?

Yes. Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers who affected under re-apportionment without completion of 5/8 Academic Years or 5/8 years shall eligible for re-apportionment points + old station points + preferential or special points.



Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers who are under suspension and completed 5/8 Academic Years of service shall apply for transfer?

No. The present post shall not be shown as vacant.


Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers whose disciplinary proceedings are pending shall apply for transfers?

No. As per G.O.Ms.No.71, Dt:17.05.2023.



Whether the Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who are under compulsory transfer but not completed 5/8 years of service are eligible for special/preferential points?

Yes. Provision was given in the concerned DEOs login to modify to get those special/preferential benefits.


Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who are appointed in DSCs from 2016 onwards (or) Transferred to other units (Inter District) and are affected under re-apportionment are eligible for present station points?

Yes. Present Station Points will be awarded to those Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers at State Level before releasing of provisional list.


The Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers entering the details of old station points including all special/service/station points.

No. The Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers shall enter the details of old station points only (i.e., excluding service/re-apportionment/special points). All such cases have to be scrutinized by the verification officer.



Whether the teacher promoted as School Assistant/Headmaster (Gr.II) and posted in the same school shall be consider for transfer?

Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher who rendered their services in a particular school continuously irrespective of cadres shall be counted their service from the date of joining in that particular school.


In such cases, old station points will be considered irrespective of cadre?

No. Station points will be considered in that cadre only.


Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers transferred in the year 2015 are getting station points for seven years and six months only and they are requesting to give station points for 8 years instead of 7 years and 6 months.

It is decided to give full 8 years station points to all 2015 transfer teachers.


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