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Friday 24 March 2023

AP MDM Ragi Java, Chikki New Timings 2023

AP MDM Ragi Java, Chikki New Timings 2023 Change of Timings for Providing of Ragi Java  and Peanut Jaggery Chikki to all the students under Midday Meals Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme - Orders


School Education – Midday Meals – Jagananna Gorumudda – Change of Timings for Providing of Ragi Jawa  and Peanut Jaggery chikki to all the students under Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme - Orders - Issued - Regarding Memo No.2028723/MDM&SS/2022 Dated: 24/03/2023



1. G.O.Rt.No.38 School Education (Prog-1) Dept.,Dated.10-03-2023
2. Memo No.1963897/MDM&SS/2022 Dt:20.03.2023
3. Government orders in E-office Dt:24.03.2023



The Government in the reference 1st read above, launched the scheme of Providing Ragi Jawa to all the students in the schools with effect from 21.03.2023


and issued instructions vide reference 2nd read above to all the District Educational Officers to provide the Ra i Jawa to all the students at 08-45 AM in all schools on non Chikki days i.e., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


After launching the programme, feed back and the response is received from the Districts, and many expressed to change the timings of providing Ragi Jawa to students for continues and proper implementation.


After examining, the issue is placed before the Government and the Government in the reference 3rd read above considered the response and the request the timings for serving the Ragi Jawa on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday is considered to change from 08.45 AM as follows


Sl. No




Foundational Schools

10.35 AM to 

10.45 AM


High Schools

10.45 AM to 

10.55 AM


Apart from the above, at present the peanut Jaggery Chikki is served to the students during the course of providing the Mid Day Meal in the afternoon. The Government also ordered to provide peanut Jaggery Chikki to all the students at the time of leaving the School in the evening which is convenient to the students.


Therefore, all the District educational Officers in the State are instructed to issue necessary instructions to all the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers/ Head Masters to follow the above instructions scrupulously.

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