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Sunday 8 January 2023

UDISE Plus School Report Card 2021-22

UDISE Plus School Report Card 2021-22 Download UDISE PLUS Report Card How to download UDISE PLUS School Report Card SRC, Detailed Report Card DRC

UDISE Plus 2021-22 School Report Card Download

Download the School Report Card (UDISE 2021-22) from https://src.udiseplus.gov.in/ and fill the School report card information in the School Plan Document.

How to download UDISE PLUS School Report Card without Login:

Step 1: Click on link given below

Step 2: Select Search by UDISE CODE

Step 3: Enter Your School UDISE Code

Step 4: Enter Captcha Code

Step 4: Click on Submit Button

Step 5: Click on Report Card 2021-22 under Action Column and Download School Report Card in pdf

To download UDISE Plus Report Card click here

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