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Thursday 8 December 2022

Nadu Nedu Phase 2 Procurement of Ceramic Tiles, Mandal Stock Points

Nadu Nedu Phase 2 Procurement of Ceramic Tiles, Mandal Stock Points Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase 2 Procurement of Ceramic Tiles identify the Mandal stock points

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu ,Phase-II - Procurement of Ceramic Tiles - identify the Mandal stock points instructions - issued - Reg.  Circular .No.1909947 /MBNN/2022    Dated.07/12/2022


Ref:, Dt.22.06.2022 of the School Education (Program-II), Government of Andhra Pradesh.
2. E File No. sent by the MD, APEWIDC


Government vide reference 1st read above, accorded Administrative sanction for improving Infrastructure facilities in 22,344 Schools and other Educational institutions with a total budget outlay of Rs.8000 Crs.


As part of the program, APEWIDC which is the procurement agency vide reference 2nd cited requested the Commissioner, School Infrastructure to issue suitable instructions to APC (SS) and DEOs regarding identification of Tiles stock points in the Mandal in the Districts (Annexure) shown below, so that the supply is received by CRPs at different points in the Mandal and will be issued as per the indent of concerned Headmaster duly maintaining acknowledgement for uploading bills in STMS. Additional Project Coordinator (APCs) and DEOs to identify and set up temporary Stock points for tiles at Mandal Level.


In this regard, The following instructions are issued to the feld functionaries

  1. Identify 2 to 3 Stock Points in Each Mandal and designate the CRPs who are managing Sand Stock points to handle this task.
  2. Headmasters can claim transportation charges from the stock point to the School and the expenditure can be met from the Revolving
  3. While transporting the tiles from the stock point to schools Care should be taken as the tiles are very fragile. Hay (Dry grass ) or Waste papers should be placed between the packets to avoid friction and breakage.
  4. Additional Project Coordinator (APCs) & District Educational Officers (DEOs) should make the Cluster Resource Person (CRP) responsible for the stock points. CRP Should ensure that the related invoices are handed over to the Headmaster or his/her representative, while handing over the tiles packets.
  5. Department will provide place in stock point to accommodate the tiles by the company.
  6. Company is responsible to deliver the Stocks in good condition to the School points as per the indents raised by the Head Masters.
  7. Company representative should be present during receipt and dispatch of the Material ( Tiles).
  8. The entire distribution should be completed in 3 working days.


Package I

Asian Granito India Ltd

Srikakulam, Manyam, Vizianagaram, Alluri Sita Ramaraju, Visakhapatnam and Anakapalli



Asian Granito India Ltd

East Godavari, Kakinada, Konaseema, West Godavari, Eluru, Krishna and NTR

Package III

Sunshine     TilesGuntur, company ltd.

Palnadu, Bapatla, Prakasam, SPSR Nellore districts


Hence all the District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators addressed in the above annexure shall give special attention to the above guidelines during receiving the tiles from the vendors.


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