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Monday 5 December 2022

AP Municipal Teachers Salaries CSE Memo on G.O. 182

AP Municipal Teachers Salaries CSE Memo on G.O. 182 Drawing the salaries of Municipal Teachers through School Education department - amendment - Orders issued G.O.Ms.No.182 Date: 29.11.2022

School Education Department Entrustment of supervision and administrative responsibilities of the Municipal Schools to the School Education Department - Consideration of revised cadre strength and to mapping of the cadre strength of Municipal Teachers with the cadre strength of School Education Department for drawing the salaries of Municipal Teachers through the School Education Department - amendment - Orders - Communicated - Reg Memo No.13/26/2022-EST (3) 7-CSE  Dated: 02/12/2022



  1. G.O.Ms.No.84, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (Dl) Department, Dated: 24.06.2022.
  2. This office Proceedings Rc.No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE, Dated: 25.06.2022.
  3. This Office Memo No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1), Dated: 07.07.2022, 27.07.2022 and 16.08.2022.
  4. No:Fin02-18067/3/2022-H SEC-DTA, Dated: 26.08.2022 of the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Vijayawada addressed to the C&DMA, A.P.
  5. This office Memo No.13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1), Dated: 09.2022 and e-mail, Dated: 13.09.2022, 19.09.2022 & 30.09.2022.
  6. This office Memo No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1), Dated: 17.10.2022.
  7. G.O.Ms.No.180, School Education (Seri) Department, Dated: 18.11.2022.
  8. This office Memo No.ESE02-12021/143/2022-EST 2-CSE-Part(1), Dated: 21.11.2022.
  9. This office Proceedings Rc.No.13/26/2022-EST (3) 7-CSE, Dated: 11.2022.
  10. G.O.Ms.No.182, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (Dl) Department, Dated: 29.11.2022.


While communicating the G.O. in the reference 10th read above, all Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are requested to take further necessary action in the matter.


Encls: As above.

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