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Thursday 1 December 2022

AP Budget Estimates 2023-24 Preparation of Budget Estimates

AP Budget Estimates 2023-24 Preparation of Budget Estimates Specific instructions to the Unit Officers for the preparation of Budget Estimates for the financial year 2023-24 

CSE - Budget Estimates 2023-24 - Specific instructions to the Unit Officers for the preparation of Budget Estimates for the financial year 2023-24 - Reg Note.No.ESE02-32023/6/2022-ACCOUNTS-CSE, dt. 01/12/2022.


Ref: G.O. Ms. No.207, dt: 28.11.2022 of the Finance (Budget. l) Department.


Attention is invited to the references cited, wherein the Government have issued comprehensive instructions for preparation of Budget Estimates for the financial ear 2023-24. Further, Budget proposals 2023-24 link has enabled at HOD Login in herb.apcfss portal under 9 menu’s, viz., HR, Administrative Expenses, Navaratnalu, CASDP, EAP, NABARD, SDP, DEBT and OTHERS etc., items are mentioned in the following proformae.








2022- 23

Arrears up to 11/2022         including previous F.Y arrears due to lack of budget


Budget Requirement Justification from 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2024

for proposed BE 2023-24


The Head of the Department is responsible for scrutinize the estimates of Unit Officers for the fnancial ear 2023-24 under their control and forward to the Government with their comments thereon. The object of examination b the HOD is to detect excessive or inadequate provision in the Revised Estimates and Budget Estimates which the are in a position to do in the better wa in view of their more intimate knowledge of Unit Officers under their control. Further the CSE has also instructed to submit the Estimates within the timelines prescribed by on or before 05.12.2022.


Hence, all the unit officers are requested to go through the above said G.O and follow the instructions as specifed b the Govt. and submit BE 2023-24 proposals with suitable justifcation/remarks to the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Amaravati b 5.12.2022 for verifcation and onward transmission to School Education Secretariat b 10-12-2022 the Finance Dept. b 12.12.2022. The soft cop of budget estimates in the above proformae should be mailed to the official mail id:


The Unit Officers (All DDOs) under the control of CSE are also requested to furnish the details in proformae enclosed which are applicable to them towards preparation of Administrative Expenditure Statements as detailed below. It is informed that Govt will not allocate the budget under the respective SDHs without submission of proformae particulars.


  1. Proforma-E-1 : Details of the office buildings to capture the budget for DH 140-Rents, Rates and Taxes and SDH 141- Rents, Rates and Taxes.
  2. Proforma-E-2 : Details of the hired vehicles to capture the budget for DH 130-Office Expenses and SDH 134-Hiring of Private Vehicles.
  3. Proforma-E-3 : Details of the Government Vehicles to capture the budget for DHSDH


240- Petrol, Oil and Lubricants – 241-Charges towards Office Vehicles and also the DH-SDH 510- Motor Vehicles – 511-Maintenance of Motor Vehicles.


The DEOs are also requested to furnish the SCOs budget requirement in the following heads of account for the FY 2023-24 obtained from concerned MEOs/DDOs in the Dist. The PS section of O/o CSE is requested to pursue the matter with the district offices to submit the estimates related to maintenance grant.


Component                           Head of Account

Govt. Primary School              2202-01-101-00-04(130/133 & 140/141)

Govt. Secondar School         2202-02-109-00-04 (130/133 )

Aided Primary                          2202-01-102-00-04-310-312

Aided Secondar                     2202-02-110-00-04-310-312

Aided Hindi/ Arabic                 2202-05-102-00-05-310-312

Aided Sanskrit                        2202-05-103-00-06-310-312


Encl: As above

Download Proceedings  |  G.O. Ms.No.207

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