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Sunday 6 November 2022

AP Schools Spoken English Classes, English Club activities

AP Spoken English Classes, English Club activities for 6th to 8th - Guidelines, Action Plan SCERT, AP - Conduct of Spoken English Classes for students of class VIII and English Club activities for 6th to 8th

School Education - SCERT, AP - Conduct of Spoken English Classes for students of class VIII and English Club activities for 6th to 8th - Guidelines - issued- Reg Rc.No:ESE02/761/2022-SCERT Dated: 02/11/2022



1. Note orders of the Director, SCERT, AP at note#12, in Computer No. 1748152, dt:06.09.2022.
2. Proc.Rc.No.ESE02/445/2022-SCERT-3 Dated:15.09.2022


All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, the District Educational Officers, the APCs of Samagra Shiksha and the Principals of DIETS in the State are here by informed that the Government has focusing on the quality of education especially on English language outcomes as English serves as a platform for accessing global knowledge and global opportunities. Speaking fluently and confidently in English is the key to conquer global challenges. To make students as confident speakers in English, The Department of School Education has decided to implement a special programme on spoken English for class VIII students and Establishment of English Club for 6th to 8th class students in all the Government managed schools in the State.


In this connection, it is proposed to conduct a spoken English program for a period of 5 months (November -2022 to March- 2023) for Class 8th Students and English Club Activities for Classes 6th to 8th and will be rolled out from 07-11-2022. The action plan for the implementation of this programme is enclosed in the Annexures.


In this regard, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, the District Educational Officers, the APCs of Samagra Shiksha and the Principals of DIETS in the State are instructed to implement the programs by issuing necessary instructions to the concerned stakeholders in your jurisdiction for smooth conduct of Programs and ensure that, the programmes will be rolled out from 07/11/2022 onwards in all the Government managed schools in the State.



It is informed that the Department of School Education, Andhra Pradesh has decided to upscale Spoken English program based on the Pilot program done by SCERT as per the request and demand from the Parents and Students. This program is designed for students who are studying class 6th to 8th in all High Schools and Upper Primary schools. This program is to be launched from November,7th onwards.


  1. To sensitize students to speak English fluently and confidently.
  2. To create English- speaking environment.
  3. To make children learn English through fun activities.
  4. To make children learn presentation skills in various discourses. 
  • Two periods in a week is to be allotted to this programme at school level.
  • The details of the two periods are as follows ( 1 We Love Reading Period, 1 Value Education period ), Post lunch periods of No Bag Day. )
  • one period : Fun Time activities and Talking Time activities
  • one period : Circle time activities and Sharing time activities
  • No Bag Day post lunch periods : Practicing the Spoken English Activities and Conduct immersion activities like Spell Bee, one minute speech, tongue twisters, role plays, monologues, dictionary activities etc.
  • SCERT will supply soft copy of the module on spoken English Program the same will be uploaded in DIKSHA app. Online orientation is available through APSCERT you tube channel.


  • The Headmaster of the concerned High school will act as first level program monitoring officer. Program will be conducted by all English teachers of the respective schools. DEO, APC, DIET Principal, AMO, DyEO, local MEO shall monitor the implementation of the program during their school visit.

Feedback and Documentation:

Annexure -2

English Club Activities:

English Club is a friendly and supportive platform for the students to practice, improve and showcase their language skills. It helps the students to boost up their confidence so that they can freely communicate and it gives an opportunity to learn English with fun.


  1. To provide an opportunity for the student to practice five language skills namely listening, speaking, reading, writing and creativity.
  2. To Practice listening and speaking (oral language fluency) among the
  3. To increase fluency and build confidence to think and speak in English.
  4. To provide opportunity to express their opinions, debate issues and encourage critical thinking.
  5. To learn English in an English speaking environment in a fun way. Constitution of English club The school English club includes the following team :
  • Head master - Chair person
  • All English faculty - Mentors
  • All interested students of class 6th to 8th - Club members
  • Club Students' leader - one of the students of class 8th

Formation of students groups:

  • Interested students will be divided into groups.
  • Group will be heterogeneous in nature with boys, girls, different pace of learners, differently - abled children.
  • Same heterogeneous group will be continued through out the academic
  • One among the six members will act as group a leader. The group leader will be rotated for the remaining months.

Roles and responsibilities: 

Head Master:

  • Head master (Chair Person) will constitute the English club for students of class 8th in the school.
  • Provide required physical facilities / resources such as room, display boards,
  • Review the club activities in regular monthly meetings.
  • Instruct all English teachers to take responsibilities for smooth conduct of English club. activities with out any deviation.

English Language Teachers:

  • All English Language teachers of the school will act as mentors of English
  • Mentors will prepare the required material and resources based on the theme / activities allotted for the month well in advance.
  • Communicate the topic and time schedules of the club activity to the students.
  • The protocols of the club activities will be prepared and announced.
  • Each mentor teacher will adopt one group for the academic year.
  • Maintain proper documentation in the form of portfolio and upload in the given link.

Group Leader:

  • The group leader will see that every member of his / her group shall attend the club activities.
  • While answering, the discussions should me made among the group members.
  • No group answers will be allowed.
  • Maintain time discipline.


  • Maintain group wise portfolio for each club activity.
  • Upload month - wise club activity reports in the form of photos, videos, testimonials in the given link.
  • Display students performance in the Wall Magazine and appraise them in the school assembly.

Month wise Themes:

S.No.              Month                   Name of Activity

1               November                        Spell - Bee

2               December                       Cross word puzzle

3               January                           Role play

4               February                     Developing a story

5               March                          Public speaking Spell - Bee


  • Encourage students to explore and study the English language and its
  • Help students to learn to spell quickly, accurately and with comprehension.
  • Promote students knowledge of proper word usage; encourage students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits
  • Provide an opportunity for students to meet and compete with their peers in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Expected outcomes:

  • Students learn new vocabulary and spellings of difficult words. They show interest in referring to dictionary.

Role of teacher:

  • To collect level appropriate words.
  • To pronounce the word correctly and give a definition and a sentence on the speller's request
  • To judge the competition without bias
  • To give feedback to the students regarding the area in which they have to

Role club members:

  • They form groups and write, collect and compile literary works.
  • They choose the topic of their choice.
  • They collaboratively prepare the wall magazine.


Spell - Bee activity may be conducted in different ways to engage students learning in a joyful atmosphere. Class will be divided into groups, each group should not exceed six members. Protocol to be followed during Spell - Bee shall be explained by the teacher. The spell - Bee game will be conducted in four rounds.

Round - 1: Direct words

The teacher should select any six words from 'Learn a word a day' and ask the students to say spelling one word for each group.

Round - 2: Word Bucket

  • The teacher will write the themes of 'Learn a word a day' on the board and ask students to select each group - One Theme.
  • Teacher will ask each group five words related to the theme selected by the
  • Each word will be given 30 seconds for the group, if the group cannot answer in the given time question will be moved to another group.
  • Points will be awarded basing on the correct response.
  • Round - 3: Word Wizard
  • The teacher will select two pictures for each group. The picture shall represent the theme of 'Learn Word a Day' ( Ex: Action words - the picture showing - a boy is running.)
  • The students will say the action word (ex: `running') with correct spelling. 
Round - 4. Word Flash:
  • The teacher will prepare missing letters word cards or write missing letter words on the board
  • All flash cards are kept in a box.
  • Teacher will take the box to each group and ask one of the group members to pick a word card from the box.
  • Group will say the word and its spelling based on the missing letter word

Round -5: Word Articulation:

  • The teacher will write three words on the board for each group.
  • Teacher will ask the group to pronounce the words with proper stress and
  • Points will be awarded for correct response.


The teacher is at liberty to add few more rounds in the game

Download Proceedings, details, activities

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