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Thursday 17 November 2022

AP MDM New Menu Latest 2022

AP MDM New Menu Latest 2022 MDM Revised Menu from 21st Nov 2022 AP Mid Day Meal EXISTING MENU & NEW MENU COMPARATIVE STATEMENT PM POSHAN - Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid Day Meal) - Implementation of revision of existing revised menu w.ef., 21.11.2022

SE Dept., - PM POSHAN - Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid Day Meal) - Implementation of revision of existing revised menu w.e., 21.11.2022 – Certain instructions - Issued - Regarding Procs.Rc.No.1078085/MDM/2020  Dated:-17/11/2022



1. Govt.Memo No.ESE01-SEDN0CSE/1731/Prog.I/2019, Date.13.01.2020.

2. This office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/10/2020-MDM-CSE, dt.16.01.2020.

3. This office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/74/2019-MDM-CSE,dt.18.01.2020

4. This  office Lr.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/10/2020-MDM-CSE,Dt.25.01.2020.

5. This office Memo.No.ESE02-27021/132/2019-MDM-CSE,dt.24.02.2022.

6. This office Memo.No.ESE02-27021/132/2019-MDM-CSE,dt.10.03.2022.

7. This office Memo.No.ESE02-27021/132/2019-MDM-CSE,dt.29.06.2022.

8. This office Memo.No.1652460/MDM&SS/2022, dt.03.10.2022.


All the Regional Director of School Education and District Education Officers in the State are informed that the Hon'ble Chief Minister is personally reviewed the implementation of Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid Day Meal) in the State for providing nutritious and attractive meal to the School Children. Hence, the present Menu which is under implementation in the State w.e.f., 21 st January, 2020.


Now that, the Government have decided to revise the existing menu to bring further variety in MDM taking into consideration the vision of adequate, balanced, tasty and qualitative Mid Day Meal being served to the Students. The revised menu is fixed is as follows and the same is decided to be implemented from November 21, 2022.onwards.




Existing Menu
implemented w.e.f.,

Revised Menu to be
implemented w.e.f.,



Cooked Rice, Pappu Charu, Egg Curry and Chikki

Hot Pongal with boiled egg / Veg. Pulav with    Egg Curry and Chikki



Tamarind/Lemon  rice (Pulihora) Dal  with Tomatoes & Boiled Egg

Tamarind/Lemon rice(Pulihora) Tomato/Dondakaya       chutney & Boiled Egg



Vegetable Rice, Aloo Khurma, Boiled Egg & Chikki

Vegetable Rice, Aloo Khurma, Boiled Egg & Chikki



Kichidi, Tomato Chutney & Boiled Egg

Sambarbath & Boiled Egg



Cooked Rice, Dal with green leaves, Boiled Egg & Chikki

Cooked Rice, Dal with green leaves, Boiled Egg & Chikki



Cooked rice, Sambar, Sweet Pongal

Green Leafy Veg.  Rice, Pappu Charu & Sweet Pongal


Therefore, all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Education Officers in the State are hereby requested to disseminate the above revised menu details to all Mandal Educational Officers/Head Masters/ APMs/Field functionaries, inspection teams etc to and instruct them to implement the same from coming Monday i.e., November 21, 2022 without fail.


Also requested issue necessary instructions to the inspection teams and see that the revised menu is being followed as per schedule and ensure quality of food served to the Students and report compliance.


Any deviation in the above instructions, concerned District Educational Officers and Mandal Educational officers in the State are held responsible.


Top priority should be given to this item of work.


Download proceedings, Revised Menu table

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