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Thursday 6 October 2022

Passing of bills DTA Instructions

Passing of bills DTA Instructions Certain instructions issued on passing of All the pending bills

Cir. Memo.No.A4/VC/2022, Dt.06.10.2022

Sub:- T&A Dept.- CFMS DTA Video Conference with DT&AOS on 06.10.2022 - Certain instructions issued on passing of bills Reg.

Attention of all the ATOS/STOS in the district are invited to the subject cited. The DTA has conducted a video conference with all the DT&AOS of the state on 06.10.2022 at 3:00pm and issued following instructions to the Treasury Officers:

1) All the pending bills in the logins of JA/SA/STO/ATO should be cleared before Dt.07.10.2022,7:00pm for mapping of Sub Treasuries.

2) All the ATOS/STOS should inform the DDOS to clear the bills in their logins i.e. either send to Treasury or cancel the bills by 07.10.2022, 5:00pm. There after no bills should be generated by the DDOS. 

3) The CFMS system will be shutdown from 07.10.2022 12:00 AM (07.10.2022 midnight) to 09.10.2022, 12:00 AM. No bills will be processed during this time in CFMS.

4) Supplementary bills / Arrear bills will be generated from 11.10.2022 onwards instead of 06.10.2022.

5) There are 148 pension bills pending in the entire state in TO logins. All the Treasury Officers are directed to pass/reject the bills by 07.10.2022, 7:00pm.

6) All the ATOS/STOS should inform the DDOs for generation of C-PIN to their GST payments and complete the process by 07.10.2022. 

7) All the pending DC bills for the corresponding AC bills shall be submitted and passed by 15.10.2022 without fail. 

8) A fresh work flow in all levels shall be made on 10.10.2022 at their logins.

In view of the above, all the ATOS/STOS in the district are directed to adhere to the above DTA instructions and communicate with the respective DDOS immediately without fail. Any deviation in the matter will be view seriously.

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