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Monday 1 August 2022

CFMS Biometric Devices RD Services, Drivers Updating Process, Download Link

CFMS Biometric Devices RD Services, Drivers Updating Process, Download Link FIR implementation in Aadhaar based biometric authentication

As per the guidelines of UIDAI some changes have been done for using Finger Print Authentication. Please use the Link To use Finger print authentication all are requested to update the RD Service from the official websites of the concerned vendors. Updated Services will be made available from 01/07/2022

FIR implementation in Aadhaar based biometric authentication 

UIDAI provides the Aadhaar authentication and e-KYC services to the requesting entities in an efficient and secure manner. To enhance the security level, UIDAI has taken several security measures to ensure security of transactions during the authentication process. To make Aadhaar authentication transactions more robust and secure, Fingerprint lmage Record (FlR) based authentication was introduced in fingerprint based Aadhaar authentication in year 2020. Accordingly, all the device vendors had upgraded their RD service to provide the facility of FIR based authentication. 

2. UIDAI intends to migrate all fingerprint authentication transactions from FMR only to FIR and FMR. ln order to analyze that FIR based authentication in comparison to FMR based authentication, all the biometric device vendors have been asked to develop an RD service providing both FMR and FIR data in single capture in the same PID block. 

3. All AUA/KUA are requested that following changes may be carried Out.- 

a) AUAs may take up the necessary changes in their applications in consultation with corresponding device providers to enable transmission of FMR and FIR in the same auth request. 

b) Device vendors are also being requested to make necessary changes in the RD service. 

c) Amended RD specs and Auth API document will be published shortly. 

d) AUAs using the managed RDS (MDM versions) may submit an undertaking stating that the new version of RDS received from device providers will be used responsibly and will not be shared further. 

4. ln case of BFD, only FMR based biometric type authentication requests are recommended. 

5. It is also informed that most of the RD Biometric device vendors have already got their L0 RD Service tested for FIR authentication. The AUA/KUA may therefore make necessary arrangements for implementing necessary modification in Aadhaar Authentication Application

Click here to download UIDAI Letter

Biometric Drivers, RD Services Download Link 

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