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Monday, 22 August 2022

Aadhaar Camp in AP Schools for Students by GVWV & VSWS

 Aadhaar Camp in AP Schools for Students by GVWV & VSWS

Letter No: 1658974 /GVWV&VSWS /J/2022             Dt. 11/08/2022 


Sub: - GVWV & VSWS Department - Aadhaar 3rd camp - Reg.


Ref: - 

1. GO Ms.No.156, General Administration Department, Dated:21-12-2019

2. Minutes of the Department meeting conducted by the Special ChiefSecretary to Government, GVWV & GSWS Department on 16-11-2021

3. File No: GWS02-GWS0SM/10/2022-DS22/06/2022,dt :22.06.2022 of The Director,GVWV & VSWSD,of this ofce,ViVayawada.

4. File No. GWS02-GWS0SM/10/2022-DS dt:25.07.2022 of the Director,GVWV & VSWSD,of this ofce,ViVayawada.


In continuation of the Special camps conducted for Aadhaar enrolments vide reference 3rd and 4th cited it is proposed to conduct 3rd special camp on 23.08.2022 & 24.08.2022 at Schools which are mapped with Aadhaar established secretariats. The details of Schools mapped to each Secretariat for enrolment of School children is enclosed.

Hence it is requested to issue necessary instructions to concerned MPDOs, Municipal commissioners to move Aadhaar enrolment kit from the secretariat to the mapped (nearest) schools by the DAs/WEDPS for special camp and also permit DAs/WEDPS to do Aadhaar Enrolments at schools on 23.08.2022 & 24.08.2022 and other secretariat employee may be kept in charge in place DA/WEDPS for those two days to avoid any inconvenience to the citizens who come to secretariats for services.


It is further requested to publicize the Aadhaar Special camp on 23.08.2022 and 24.08.2022 through I&PR, local cable networks and Volunteers & School Teachers and further requested to complete 100% pending Mandatory Biometric in Schools. It is the responsibility of the concerned school Head Master (HM) to ensure 100% biometrics are updated during the camp and the concerned HM shall certify that all mandatory biometrics of students are updated only then the DAs/WEDPS shall return the AEK to secretariat


The following are the Roles & Responsibilities of the officer concerned:



Name of the Officer




To publicize the camp.



To Set-up Sync & GPS coordinates & do enrolments & updates.



To give necessary support to DA/WEDPS in operating by allocating volunteers and other secretariat employees

Ensure availability of Stationery



To list out all   pending         mandatory

biometrics in the school for the camp


Mahila police / Other Secretariat Functionary

To verify the documents submitted by the student/Citizen.



To monitor the Aadhaar camp in his/her Mandal in the schools where the camp is being conducted



To Monitor the camp in his/her division and submit report to the District Collector.


District GSWS Incharge Officers /  District Education Officer

To Monitor the camp in his/her division and submit report to the District Collector.


The list of Aadhaar seva Kendra’s (ASK’s) are herewith enclosed with a request to conduct 3rd Special camp on 23.08.2022 & 24.08.2022. The Aadhaar enrolment Special camps shall be conducted monthly as per the instructions from the HOD.


Hence all the District Collectors are requested to issue necessary instructions to the MPDOs and MCs to make the camp successful.


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