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Tuesday 12 July 2022

Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena Policy and Implementation Framework

Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena Policy and Implementation Framework G.O.Ms.No. 39 Dated:11-07-2022 JVVD Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena for Higher Studies in Top 200 Universities abroad for SC/ST/BC/Minority/ EBC including Kapu Students - Policy and Implementation Framework in supersession of all previous - Orders - Issued

SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT - Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena - For Higher Studies in Top 200 Universities abroad - For SC/ST/BC/Minority/ EBC including Kapu Students - Policy and Implementation Framework in supersession of all previous orders - Orders - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No. 39 Dated: 11-07-2022 

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.36 Tribal Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated.04.06.2013.
2. G.O.Ms.No.54 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated.28.06.2013. 
3. G.O.Ms.No.77 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated.06.12.2014.
4. G.O.Ms.No.1 Tribal Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated 17.01.2015. 
5. G.O.Ms.No.29 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated. 19.05.2015. 
6. G.O.Ms.No.36 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated.30.03.2016. 
7. G.O.Ms.No.16 Backward Classes Welfare (C) Dept. dated.17.05.2016
8. G.O.Ms.No.29 Backward Classes Welfare (B) Dept. dated 27.08.2016.
9. G.O.Ms.No.33 Minority Welfare (EDM) Dept, dated.29.09.2016. 
10. G.O.Ms.No.93 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept. dated.25.06.2018.
11. G.O.Ms.No.55 Minority Welfare (EDM) Dept. dated 03.07.2018 
12. From the Director of Social Welfare, Lr.Rc.No.D3/2408/2021, dated.02.08.2021. 
13. Vigilance Report. No.12(C.No.4697/V&E/D2/2021-1), G.A (V&E) Dept. dated.17.06.2022.


Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing several Welfare schemes to all eligible citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region in a transparent manner at the door steps of the citizens under NAVARATNALU.

Vide G.Os 1 to 11th cited, the Government have introduced the schemes to provide financial assistance to the students to pursue higher education in foreign countries to complete professional courses and other Graduate courses.

After the analysis of the scheme implementation during the previous government, the following lapses have been observed.

 i. Selection process: Since the candidates are made to apply against limited number seats earmarked under the scheme, there is discretion in the selection process, leading to less transparency and corruption.

 ii. The scheme is not on saturation basis, which is giving scope for recommendations.

iii. The quality of institutions selected is not good. The guidelines do not prescribe strict norms with regard to ranking of institutions based on which the students shall choose the Institution for studying abroad. This resulted in the student selecting very low ranked institutions, thereby defeating the objective of getting better and quality learning in foreign institutions.

iv. Choice of course: Though the guidelines indicated the areas/subjects where the students can enroll, upon closer scrutiny, it has been noticed that students have chosen courses which are not in tune with the stated objectives of the scheme. Such enrollments were not properly scrutinized and hence led to wastage of public. resources. If these resources had been spent within the country, more number of students with the same amount could have been admitted in better courses in renowned institutions resulting in better employment opportunities for them.

v. The scheme was not implemented properly by the previous Government and large no. of students were not paid since 2016-17, the total dues amounting to Rs.318 Cr, pertaining to 3326 students.

Vide reference 12 cited, the Director, Social Welfare addressed a letter to the Director General, Vigilance & Enforcement department for verification of the credentials of the students who have gone for study abroad and joined in the Universities during previous government.

The enquiry report of the Vigilance and Enforcement department, vide reference 13 cited, brought out serious lapses in implementation of the scheme, as stated below:

a. The criteria for selection of the candidates, wherein annual income limit of the parents was specified, had not been followed.

b. Many of the Students have changed the Country of study after sanction of the scheme, without taking prior approval from the competent authority.

c. Similarly, many of the students have changed their approved course of study after sanction of the scheme, without taking prior approval from the competent authority. 

d. Many of the Students have changed the University of study after sanction of the scheme, without taking prior approval from the competent authority

e. It is noticed that some students have discontinued their course and returned to India after availing the financial assistance under the scheme.

f. In few instances the condition of allowing one child per family was violated and sanctions were given to more than one child within the family.

g. In some cases, the applicants were not traced out at the given address when enquiry was conducted.

In view of the issues noted above, especially the vigilance enquiry report, as well as the negligence shown in implementation of the scheme from the period 2016-17 onwards, it is felt that there is need to revamp the whole scheme orienting it towards qualitative education in foreign institutions. Accordingly, the following guidelines are hereby issued. These orders shall supersede all the orders cited in the references above.

i. The scheme shall be known hereafter as 'Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena'. 

ii. Top 200 Universities: The financial assistance shall be sanctioned to eligible students who get admissions in any of the top 200 universities as per the latest QS world university rankings only.

a. Scholarship amount: The selected candidates, whose admission is in the top 100 Institutions/Universities, shall be eligible for financial assistance of 100% of tuition fee. In case of selection in the next 100 Institutions/Universities (ie 101 to 200 ranked Institutions/Universities), the selected student shall be eligible for financial assistance of 50% of tuition fee or Rs.50 lakhs, whichever is less.

b. Four instalments: The scholarship shall be payable to the sanctioned students in their listed bank account in four equal instalments in case of PG courses, as mentioned below:

  • Instalment I: It shall be payable to the students upon production of the landing permit/1-94 card. (Immigration Card).
  • Instalment II: It shall be payable to the students upon production of the 1 Semester/Term results.
  • Instalment-III: It shall be payable to the students upon production of the 2 Semester/Term results. 
  • Instalment-IV: The final instalment shall be released after successful completion of 4 / final Semester and uploading the 4/final semester mark sheet in the concerned online portal.
  • In case of Ph.D/MBBS courses, further instalments will be released, based upon production of their preceding year/semester results.

c. Sanction Proceedings specifying the total eligible amount for the course shall be issued to the individual towards fees by way of a grant subject to his/her joining the Course and the Candidates selected by the Selection Committee. The sanction proceedings can be made use of by the Candidates for obtaining a Visa from the respective Embassy.

d. One-way economy class ticket (lowest fare tickets) for the shortest route shall be payable upon production of valid visa and admission particulars.

e. The total visa fees shall be reimbursed to the student upon production of valid visa and receipts of visa fee payment. 

f. Upon release of the 4" Installment, a Utilization Certificate shall be obtained from the student with the endorsement of concerned University Authorities for record purpose under the scheme. 

iii. Only for PG/Ph.D/MBBS courses: The financial assistance under this scheme is given to eligible students to pursue their Post Graduate/Ph.D. courses abroad. In case of under graduation, only MBBS course is permitted.

iv. Income criteria: The family income shall not exceed Rs.8.00 lakhs per annum. In case of married student, income certificate of spouse shall also be taken into account. In case of employees in the family of the student, salary certificate issued by the employer is to be produced mandatorily. A copy of the latest Tax Assessment as well as the latest monthly salary slip from the employer is also required to be submitted with the application. In all cases the income certificate must be certified by the District Collector only 10% of the income certificates so issued shall be verified by the Commissioner of respective welfare department, for confirmation of the correctness of family income, before issue of final orders for selected candidates.

v. Saturation basis: Scheme shall be implemented on Saturation basis for the eligible students.

vi Age limit: The maximum age under the scheme shall not exceed 35 years as on the date of publication of advertisement/notification.

vii. One per family: Only one candidate per family shall be eligible to avail the scheme.

viii. Once in a life time: The financial assistance under the scheme can be availed only once in a lifetime. Nativity: The applicant shall be a native of Andhra Pradesh.

x Qualifications:

  • a. For Post Graduate courses: 60% marks or equivalent grade in foundation Degree in Engineering Management / Pure Sciences /Agriculture Sciences / Medicine & Nursing /Social Sciences/Humanities.
  • b. For Ph.D, course: 60% marks or equivalent grade in P.G course in Engineering/ Management/Pure Sciences / Agriculture Sciences / Medicine/ Social Sciences/ Humanities.
  • c. For MBBS courses: 60% marks in Intermediate or equivalent course.

 xi. Other mandatory requirements: The applicant shall fulfil the following requirements:

a. He/she should have a valid score in TOEFL/ELTS/GRE/GMAT.

b. He/she should have obtained admission in any of the top 200 foreign Universities ranked by QS world university rankings, every year, (as per latest ranking list available at the time of inviting applications for the scheme).

c. He/she should possess a valid Visa and Passport before applying for this scheme. It will be the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the appropriate visa for a country. wherein one intends to study further with scholarship under the Scheme. 

d. The Candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission in accredited University/Institution abroad.

e. The selected candidate has to join the concerned university/institution within six months of communication of selection under this scheme. On expiry of this specified period of time, the sanction will get automatically cancelled. No request for extension of time for availing the award is permissible under the Scheme. 

f. The candidate shall not change the course of study or research for which the scholarship has been sanctioned.

g. The applications shall be complete in full shape and shall be furnished with all relevant documents. The applications, incomplete in any respect, are liable to be rejected.

Procedure for selection:

i. Notification shall be issued in leading dailies calling for applications and through online method. The selection of students under this scheme shall be done twice a year, ie., Fall season (September to December) & Spring Season (January to May).

ii. All such students desirous of applying for financial assistance for studies abroad shall apply online from 1st August to 30th September and again from 1" January to 28/29 February of the year.

iii. Selection committee: The Selection shall be conducted by a State Level Selection Committee constituted by Government with the following members. The State level committee scrutinises applications received through online as per above laid eligibility criteria. After scrutiny sanction proceedings will be issued to the eligible candidates as recommended by the state level selection committee:

Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena Policy and Implementation Framework

The CEO, APCFSS shall arrange to make suitable modifications to the software application in alignment with this order.

The Commissioners/ Directors of Social Welfare Tribal Welfare BC Welfare Minority Welfare and Managing Directors of all Welfare Corporations are requested to take further necessary action in the matter.

Download G.O.M.S.No.39 Dated: 11-07-2022

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