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Thursday, 7 July 2022

AP Teachers Lesson Plans Preparation Format, Guidelines

AP Teachers Lesson Plans Preparation Format, Guidelines AP Preparation of Lesson Plans Guidelines, Templates AP Lesson Plans Preparation Guidelines, Model Lesson Plan Templates SCERT-AP- Academic and Administrative reforms. -Preparation of lesson plans Templates 

Teacher Resources - Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. All teachers will have to prepare a lesson plan as per the format given below for every chapter they teach in class.



  • Having clear learning objectives and outcomes defined for the topic chosen.
  • Being prepared with required teaching-learning and other instructional materials.
  • Helping anticipate the possible questions and difficulties that come across during the special delivery.
  • Anticipating the diverse learning needs of children, including those with special needs.
  • Making the content differentiated and accessible to all learners.

Timeline: Lesson plan should be prepared by the teacher for every lesson across all the classes and it must be completed at least one week before the classroom instruction starts for that particular topic.


Guidelines for Teacher:

  1. Teachers should maintain a separate book for every class and subject they teach to write lesson
  2. Teachers must follow the lesson plan template that is given below while creating the lesson Do not make any changes to the lesson plan template.
  3. Teachers must refer to the academic calendar to write learning objectives, NCERT learning outcomes, number of periods required to teach the chosen lesson and include the activities given in the calendar along with textbook activities while creating the lesson plan.

General Guidelines for Planning the Lessons:

  • Use the Nipun Bharat Guidelines for Foundational Grades for understanding how children learn at these grade levels, Use those to plan the experiences and process of the classroom. For higher grades, NCF 2005, Position Papers for various subjects provide insight into how children learn these subjects better.
  • Ascertain which concepts and skills are to be taught in which month, keeping the number of working days in each month, holidays and seasons in mind. For example, learning of volume requires students to pour water in various containers in primary grades and can be avoided in winters.
  • Create lesson plans for each concept/unit at a time to look at a concept and its complete cycle from induction to practice and assessment at one go in a holistic .
  • Use faculty meetings- If possible, create lesson plans in collaboration with all the teachers of one grade teaching a particular This creates opportunities for learning from each others’ experiences and can reduce duplication.
  • Use vertical faculty meetings- Conduct these meetings once a month to understand and plan for bridging the learning gaps, create grade level outcomes and create remedial This can help in multigrade teaching as well. These meetings can also be conducted at a complex level as well.
  • For chalking our Learning Outcomes, Experiences, Use of TLMs, Assessments, use NCERT, SCERT Resource Materials and State Open source materials and videos on DIksha Platform, Youtube can be used based on the learning objectives of each grade.
  • All the activities, Posters, pictures and other materials need to be free of gender, caste, class
  • Have faculty meetings, sharing the plans/tasks/processes that worked well and that did not work Reflect and review the lesson plans once a month with your colleagues and change the plans for next units and academic cycle.
  • It is suggested that you create lesson plans in digitised form for making your review and revision easier. This is going to be your asset and can save you time in your next academic sessions and can also enable you to share these with your

These lessons are going to be part of your planning and reflection as a professional teacher. Happy planning.

Download Lesson Plan Blank Pages

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