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Tuesday 26 July 2022

AP Schools Kitchen Gardens Suchitra Educational Society Termination orders

AP Schools Kitchen Gardens Suchitra Educational Society Termination orders 

Memo. No. ESE02-27021/52/2021-MDM  Dated: 20.7.2022

Sub: Midday Meal & School sanitation - Kitchen Gardens in Government Schools - Suchitra Educational Society - Vijayawada - Show cause Notice Issued - Termination orders issued - Regarding


1. Representation of M/s Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada
2.This Office Memo No. 27021/52/2021-MDM CSE Dated 19-08-2021 
3. This Office Memo No. 27021/52/2021-MDM-CSE-Dated 30-03-2022 
4. Explanation received from the M/s Suchitra Educational Society. Vijayawada Dt07.04.2022

M/S Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada is informed that, the society in the reference 1 read above, have requested this office to provide an opportunity to develop kitchen gardens in Government (Z.P. Schools in the State, on voluntary basis, stating that, the society was established with an objective of providing career guidance to students, developing kitchen gardens in schools etc. The Society alsn stated that, they have set up kitchen gardens in KGBVs and TSMS and successfully running in Telangana State from 2018.

Considering the request, and the details submitted, permission was accorded to M/s Suchitra Educational Society to take up the activity of developing Kitchen Gardens in Schools with the condition that, the vegetables grown in the schools should be utilized in Midday Meals, but should not sell the same outside the school in the reference 26 read above.

Though they have been requested to furnish periodical reports of the activities taken up schools wise / district wise and data related to the persons engaged from time to time, the Society failed to produce the details. Apart from the above many complaints are being received on the functioning of the Society periodically. 

Now it was brought to the notice of the undersigned that the Society people/representatives are indulging in corrupt practices in districts promising employment in many districts. The Joint Collector, Kadapa district also brought to the notice of the undersigned about certain complainants against the said society.

M/s Suchitra Educational Society was alerted and warned about this. The explanation of M/s Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada was called in the reference 3rd read above. Mis Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada submitted their explanation in the reference 4th read above

Having examined the reports and explanation of M/s Suchitra, it is informed that the explanation is not satisfactory.

Therefore, the orders issued in this office vide reference 2nd cited to M/s Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada is cancelled with immediate effect. Suchitra Educational Society, Vijayawada is directed to handover the Kitchen Gardens to the respective Head Masters concerned immediately. The District educational Officer in the State are requested to take immediate action in this regard and submit compliance.

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