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Thursday 2 June 2022

Nadu-Nedu Phase 2 Steel Purchasing Further Guidelines

Nadu-Nedu Phase 2 Steel Purchasing Further Guidelines 

Circular.No.1695635 /MBNN/2022. Dt: 02.06.2022

Sub: Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu, Phase-Il - Certain guidelines on purchasing of Steel under Nadu Nedu further guidelines Issued -Reg. 


1.GO Ms. No 15, dated 23-03-2022 of the School Education (Progs II), Department.Dt.13.04.2022

2.Circular No.1695635/MBNN/2022,of the Commissioner of School Education. 

3.Circular No.1695635/MBNN/2022,Dt.27.04.2022 of the Commissioner of School Education.

   In the circular 3rd read above, guidelines were issued for purchase of Steel and the following brands are suggested for Purchase. These Companies use Iron ore and Manufacture their own Iron billets for Manufacturing the Steel bars (TMT Bars). They do not use re-rolled /Scrap/ Used steel).

  • VIZAG Steel
  • TATA Steel
  • JSW (Neo) Steel. JSPL( Panther) Steel. .
  • SAIL (EQR)
  • Newly identified companies
  • SRMB

It is ascertained that the above newly identified companies also use iron ore and manufacture their own iron billets and use billets for manufacturing the Steel bars (TMT bars).

Hence all the District Collectors, District Educational Officers, Additional Project Co-ordinators and Executive Engineers of the implementing agencies shall give special attention to the above ensure that the Parents Committees are advised to purchase steel from the above mentioned companies only following the above mentioned guidelines.

The rates may vary from place to place due to transportation cost. The Parent Committees shall conduct a Market enquiry and obtain quotations for the above brands and buy the lowest rate band. The rate band specified in the earlier circulars shall be ignored.

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