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Tuesday 3 May 2022

Indian Post Office Recruitment 2022 Apply Online for 38,926 Posts

Indian Post Office Recruitment 2022 Apply Online for 38,926 Posts Gramin Dak Sevaks vacancy 2022 online application form available at postal-department-38926-grameen-docksevak-jobs


Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for engagement of 38,926 Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS)as BPM/ABPM/ Dak Sevak. Application are to be submitted online at

Applications submitted through any other mode will not be considered and rejected. Details of vacant posts for which applications are called for are given in Annexure-I.

Engagement Schedule is as under-

  • Application Submission Start Date: 02/05/2022
  • Application Submission End Date: 05/06/2022

 EmolumentsEmoluments in the form of Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) is paid to GDS. The following minimum TRCA shall be payable to different categories of GDS after engagement:-

Sl. Category Minimum TRCA for 4 Hours/Level 1 in TRCA Slab
i. BPM Rs.12,000/-
ii. ABPM/DakSevak Rs.10,000/-

Note 1OMNo.17-31/2016-GDS dated 25.06.2018 related to payment of TRCA and other allowances to all approved categories of GDS is available on Employee Corner, Circulars, Rules and Latest Orders GDS.

Note 2GDSare holder of a Civil posts but they are outside of regular Civil Services of Union of India.

Note:-3  DSare governed by GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules,2020 issued  vide  OM. No.17-30/2019-GDS  dated 14.02.2020andamended from time to time, is available on under Employee Corner Circulars, Rules and Latest Orders,GDS.

Indian Post Office Recruitment 2022 Eligibility:


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Maximum age: 40 years
  • Age will be determined as on the last date of submission of application as per notification.

Permissible relaxations in Upper age limit for different categories are as under:-

Sl.No. Category

Permissible age relaxation

1. Schedule Cast/Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST) 5 years
2. Other Backward Classes (OBC) 3 years
3. Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) No relaxation*
4. Persons with Disabilities (PwD)* 10 years*
5. Persons with Disabilities (PwD)* + OBC 13 years*

Persons     with     Disabilities      (PwD)*     +


15 years*

Note:-1*  There will be no relaxation in upper age limit to EWS candidates. However, the persons belonging to EWS who are not covered under the scheme of reservation for SC, ST and OBC shall get 10% reservation in engagement to the GDS posts.

The instructions issued by the Department vide no.19-11/97-ED & TRG dated 27.11.1997, No. 17-08/2017-GDS dated 26.02.2019and No. 17-09/2019-GDS dated 26.02.2019providing for adequate representation of SC/ST/OBC communities, Persons with Disability and Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) respectively will continue to apply. Thepermissible disability for personswith Disability will be as given below in GDS posts:-

Sl. Name of the Posts

Categories of disability suitable for the post


BPM/ ABPM/ DakSevaks

a)  Low vision (LV),

b)  D (Deaf), HH (Hard of hearing),

c)  One Arm (OA), One leg (OL), Leprosy
Cured, Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victim,

d) Specific learning disabilityMultiple disabilities         from amongst disabilities mentioned at (a)  to (d) above except Deaf and Blindness.

Educational Qualification:

Secondary School Examination pass certificate of 10th standard having passed in Mathematics and English (having been studied as compulsory or elective subjects) conducted by any recognized Board of School Education by the Government of India/State Governments/ Union Territories in India shall be a mandatory educational qualification for all approved categories of GDS.

Compulsory knowledge of Local Language

The candidate should have studied the local languagei.e(Name of Local language at least up to 10th standard [as compulsory or elective subjects].

Knowledge of Cycling

Knowledge of Cycling is a pre-requisite condition for all GDS posts. In case of a candidate having knowledge of riding a scooter or motor cycle, that may be considered as knowledge of cycling also. The candidate has to submit a declaration to this effectin Annexure-III.

పోస్టల్ డిపార్ట్మెంట్ 38926 పోస్టులు భర్తీకి నోటిఫికేషన్ విడుదల.

భారత ప్రభుత్వ కమ్యూనికేషన్స్ మంత్రిత్వశాఖకు చెందిన పోస్టల్ విభాగం దేశవ్యాప్తంగా కింది పోస్టుల భర్తీకి దరఖాస్తులు కోరుతోంది.

భర్తీచేయు మీణ్ డాక్ సేవక్ పోస్టులు:

  • బ్రాంచ్ పోస్ట్ మాస్టర్ (బీపీఎం)
  • అసిస్టెంట్ బ్రాంచ్ పోస్ట్ మాస్టర్ (ఏబీపీఎం)
  • డాక్ సేవక్

మొత్తం ఖాళీలు: 38926

తెలుగు రాష్ట్రాల్లో ఖాళీలు: తెలంగాణ-1226, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్-1716. 

అర్హత: పదో తరగతి ఉత్తీర్ణత. స్థానిక భాషతో పాటు సైకిల్ తొక్కడం వచ్చి ఉండాలి.

వయసు: 18 నుంచి 40 ఏళ్ల మధ్య ఉండాలి. 

జీతభత్యాలు: టైం రిలేటెడ్ కంటిన్యూటీ అలవెన్స్ (టీఆర్సీఏ) ప్రకారం జీతభత్యాలు చెల్లిస్తారు.

  • బీపీఎం పోస్టుకు 4 గంటల టీఆర్సీఏ స్లాబ్ కింద రూ. 12000 చెల్లిస్తారు.
  • ఏబీపీఎం/ డాక్సేవక్ పోస్టులకు 4 గంటల టీఆర్ సీఏ స్లాబ్ కింద నెలకు రూ.10000 చెల్లిస్తారు. 

ఎంపిక విధానం: 

పదో తరగతిలో సాధించిన మెరిట్ మార్కుల ఆధారంగా ఎంపిక ప్రక్రియ ఉంటుంది. సిస్టమ్ జనరేటెడ్ మెరిట్ లిస్ట్ ప్రకారం తుది ఎంపిక ఉంటుంది. దరఖాస్తు విధానం: ఆన్లైన్ ద్వారా దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోవాలి.

దరఖాస్తు ఫీజు: ఇతరులు రూ.100 చెల్లించాలి. ఎస్సీ/ ఎస్టీ/ పీడబ్ల్యూడీ అభ్యర్థులకు ఫీజు లేదు..

దరఖాస్తు ప్రక్రియ ప్రారంభం: 02.05.2022. 

దరఖాస్తులకు చివరి తేది: 05.06. 2022.


Adequate alternate means of Livelihood

  • The candidate applying for the post shall note that he/she shall have adequate means of livelihood as stipulated in Rule 3-(iiiof GDS (Conduct and EngagementRules, 2020to support himself/ herself and his/ her family from other sources so as to supplement his/her income. However, this shall not be a pre-requisite for candidates for the purpose of selection. Selected candidate shall be required to comply with this
  • condition within 30 days after selection but before engagement. The candidate shall furnish an undertaking in the application form itself in Annexure-IVthat he/ she has other sources of income besides the allowances to be paid by the Government to support livelihood for himself/ herself and his/her family. The candidate after selection as GDS shall have to give the undertaking again before engagement.
  • No person holding an elective office will be considered for engagement to the post.
  • The candidate selected as GDS shall not engage in any activity with any outside agency, which would be detrimental to the business or interest of the Post Office.
  • Past experience or service of any kind will not be considered for selection.

Residence and Accommodation for locating Branch Post Office

(i)  The candidates must provide accommodation for Branch Post Office after selection but before engagement. A declaration to this effect with details of accommodation is to be submitted before engagement. This condition is applicable for GDSBPM post only. GDS BPM is required to reside in Post village only and ABPMs/Dak Sevaks are required to reside within delivery jurisdictions of the Post Office (HO/SO/BO) concerned. The accommodation should meetthe following prescribed standards:-

(a) Branch Post Office may function in a building owned by Gram Panchayat or Central government or by State government such as school or offices or BPM’s own house or a proper rented accommodation at a busy place of the village(Gram Panchayat building, where available, is preferred). The accommodation for the GDS Branch Office should be exclusively available for Post Office use. It may work from a village shop but Post office working from shop should have an exclusive space to keep the registers, micro ATM or hand-held device and other items apart from space for prominently exhibiting the signage etc. giving due importance to Post Office.

Location-The GraminDakSevak Branch Office (GDS BO) should be located in the main busy part of the village.The candidate selected

forthe engagement of BPM shall have to provide centrally located accommodation in the Branch Post Office village within 30 days for use as Post Office premises and the expenditure of the hiring, if any, needs to be borne by the candidate.

Size- The minimum size of GDS Branch Office should not be less than 100 sq. feet preferably in 10’x10’ dimensions and atground floor.

Approach- The GDS Branch Office should have direct access/approach from village road and should be located in front portion of the building in which it is housed. The GDS BO should not be housed in Verandas,Courtyards, Kitchen, SPWC under the stairs, bed room, damaged rooms, make-shift accommodations, isolated buildings outside the village etc. which are difficult to access/approach by the Customers.

Structure -The GDS Branch Office accommodation should preferably be a Brick and Mortar structure to ensure safety and security. The room should be properly ventilated and lighted and should be properly maintained and neatly white washed.

Power supply – The post office room should have electrical power connection for charging of handheld devices and for fan, electricity bulb etc. It should have suitable place to install solar panels as well provided by Department.

(g) At present  DARPAN devices are using  Network ServiceProviders(NSPs) like Airtel, Vodafone/Idea, BSNL&Jio for ensuring connectivity to Branch Post Offices. While providing accommodation for GDS BO, it should be ensured that, Network is available for any one of these NSPs or any other NSP(s) if so allowed by Department of Posts.

Further, it is clarified that the candidate who provide the above prescribed standards of accommodation after selection but before engagement and if he is engaged as GDS BPM will be entitled for the drawl of Composite allowance @ Rs.500/-per month. If the candidate is selected and engaged where the Branch Post Office is
accommodated in a rent free accommodation, he/she will be entitled for Composite allowance Rs.250/- equal to that of BPMs who provide non-standard accommodation (i.e. accommodation that does not fulfill above standards is treated as non-standard accommodation).

Production of SC/ST/OBC/DisabilityEconomically Weaker Sections Certificate.

Production of SC/ST/OBC/disability/EWSs certificate in the prescribed format is compulsory in case of such candidates.

Method of Submission of Application and Fee

Application can be submitted online only at Applications received through any other mode shall not be entertained.

FeeA fee of Rs.100/-/-(Rupees one hundred only is to be paid by the applicants for all posts notified in the chosen Division. However, payment of fee is exempted for all female candidates, SC/ST candidates, PwD candidates and Transwomen candidates.

How to apply Indian Post Office Recruitment 2022:-

(aCandidate who desires to apply online will have to register himself / herself in the portal through with the following basic details to obtain the Registration Number:-

  1. Name (In capital letter as per X class certificate Marks Memo including spaces)
  2. Father’s Name / Mother’s Name
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email ID
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Gender
  7. Community
  8. PwD – Type of Disability – (HH/OH/VH)- Percentage of disability
  9. State in which Xth class passed
  10. Language studied in Xth class
  11. Year of Passing Xth class
  12. Scanned Passport Photograph
  13. Scanned Signature
  14. Only one Registration is allowed for one candidate for schedule 1 & 2 in
    a calendar YearThe same registration number should be used for submission of applications.Once registered the same mobile number will not be allowed for further Registrations of any other candidateIn case any duplicate Registration is found by altering the basic details, the candidature relating to all such Registrations will be removed for consideration of selection.Any candidate who forgot the registration number can retrieve the registration number through option ‘Forgot registration’.
  15. The candidates must have own active email id and mobile number.

Selection of Division and exercising preferences:-

The candidate can select only one Division for submission of his/her candidature for all the eligible posts of the Selected Division.The candidate has to validate his/her details by giving Registration number and OTP sent to the registered mobile number. On selecting the Division, a list of all eligible posts (based on community and age) will be displayed against which candidate has to give his/her preference.Preference and option once exercised /submitted by the candidate is final and will not be changed under any circumstances.

Hence, candidates should exercise due care. Candidate will not be considered for a post, for which he/she has not given/indicated his/her preference. However, only one post will be offered among all the posts

in a notification if she/he has applied for one or more posts in any one Division under any Circle.

Example: - If a candidate opts for five posts with preference post1, post2, post3, post4, post5 etc. and selected as meritorious in more than one post, the firstpost in the order of preference, against which he/she is found most suitable, will be offered and the candidature for all the remaining posts will be forfeited. However, basing on the merit, the candidate gets choice of post and on offering such post, his other preferences will be forfeited for consideration for other preferences

Procedure of Fee Payment:-

Applicants, except exempted category of candidate, should pay a fee of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred) for all posts within the chosen Division.

Candidate who requires to make the payment of fee may pay the fee through online mode of payment using the link provided for payment. All recognized Credit/Debit cards and Net Banking facility/ UPI can be used for this purpose. Charges applicable for usage of Debit/Credit cards and net banking as per the rules from time to time will be levied to the candidates. Fee may also be paidat any Head Post Office in India.

For making the payment of fee the candidate should refer the Registration Number.

Fee once paid will not be refunded. Hence, candidate is requested to ensure his/her eligibility for applying to particular Division before making the fee payment.

Candidates who are exempted from payment of fee may apply online directly.

Uploading of documents:-

The candidates must upload the following documents in the formats and sizes as prescribed. Hence, it is advised to keep the scanned documents ready in softcopy form before applying online.

SlNo. Name of the
file format
Permitted file size Is the upload
mandatory or not
1 Recent
.jpg/.jpeg Not exceeding 50kb Mandatory
2 Signature .jpg/.jpeg Not exceeding 20kb Mandatory

Submission of 10th Class marks details: -

  • Candidate has to submit the details of marks obtained in the 10thclass. In case the marksheet contains grades/points etc apart from marks, only marks need to be submitted. In cases where the board has awarded grades/points in place of marks, the same may be submitted in application.
  • An undertaking has to be submitted by the candidate in Annexure-II declaring that he/she has adequate knowledge to operate computer Desktop/laptop/POS/mobile etc. to work on the Departmental software.
  • Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for engagement of 38,926 Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS)as BPM/ABPM/ Dak Sevak. Application are to
  • be submitted online at    
  • Applications submitted through any other mode will not be considered and rejected. Details of vacant posts for which applications are called for are given in Annexure-I.

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