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Friday 8 April 2022

New Districts mapping of STOs Sub Treasures

New Districts mapping of Sub Treasures G.O.Ms.No.91 Dated: 07.04.2022 New Treasuries in AP DTO STO Offices AP New Districts New Sub Treasury Offices Revised Jurisdiction of treasuries in AP

Finance Department - Treasuries and Accounts Department-Districts Restructuring 2022 -  Interim mapping of Sub Treasures as adhoc measure-Orders-Issued


G.O.Ms.No.91 Dated: 07.04.2022 

Read the following

1. G.O.M.No.65, Finance (Admn-1) Department, Dated 25.04.2017
2 G.O.Ms.No.184, Finance (Admn.I Department, Dated:14.11.2017
3 G.O.Ms.No.31, Finance (HR. I-Plg. & Policy) Department, Dated: 26-02-2022
4 G.0. Rt No. 35 to 60, Revenue (Lands-IV) Department, Dt. 25.01.2022.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued Gazette Notifications for restructuring of Districts vide reference 4" read above, duly notifying the restructured districts and revenue divisions. The Government has decided that the Government Offices in the restructured districts/ revenue divisions shall start functioning from the appointed day i.e. (Monday, 4 April 2022)

In view of the above, to support the newly formed districts, new district Treasuries have been formed. In the said context, the jurisdiction of the Sub-Treasuries has changed i.e. the existing Sub-Treasury has been allocated to newly formed districts where as certain mandalas under the jurisdiction of the said Sub-Treasury have been retained in the existing district. Hence, there is a need for remapping and rationalization of jurisdiction Sub-Treasures

In this regard, the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh has submitted a draft proposal for rationalization of jurisdiction of Sub-Treasuries as per the Gazette notification published by the Government for restructuring of districts and also following the orders vide read above.

Government, after careful examination of the proposal hereby order for interim mapping of Sub Treasuries as adhoc measure, to avoid in-convenience to the Departments as shown in the annexure.

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P. Ibrahimpatnam shall send the final  proposal by 15.04.2022 for rationalization of Sub Treasuries duly analyzing the work load of all Sub Treasures 

The Director of Director of Treasures and Accounts, A.P., Ibrahimpatnam shall take necessary further action in this regard. 

Download G.O.Ms.No.91, New STOs List

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