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Wednesday 23 March 2022

Payments of MDM Chikki and Egg bills as per the online reports

Payments of MDM Chikki and Egg bills as per the online reports Supply of Chikki and Egg to schools - updation of received quantity in IMMS app - Payments of bills as per the online reports HMs must Update Eggs Chikks Receipt in IMMS APP - MDM Bills from 1st April taken from Online Confirmation of  IMMS APP Memo No: ESE02/27021/24/2022-MDM-CSE Date: 23/03/2022

Subject: School Education- Jagananna Gorumudda scheme - Supply of Chikki and Egg to schools - updation of received quantity in IMMS app - Payments of bills as per the online reports- Certain instructions issued -Regarding


1.Instructions of the Hon'ble Chief Minister review dated 09.03.2022


The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited that the Hon'ble Chief Minster has given top most priority on implementing Jagananna Gorumudda. Accordingly, a robust mobile application and dash board has been developed for effective monitoring. The Hon'ble chief minister taken up the reviews monthly and instructed that, all the payments related to cooks honorarium, cooking cost, Payments to eggs and chikki should be paid in time. In this context, a module has been developed for updation of supplied quantities of chikki and eggs by Head Masters in IMMS app so that it will help to monitor the supplier performance as well as it will be useful in the preparation of bills. In view of the above the following instructions are given to District Educational Officers for directing to Head Masters, Mandal Educational Officers as follows.

Roles and Responsibilities to Head Masters:

  • Head Master should update the supplied quantity of Egg and Chikki in IMMS app 
  • How to update: Login with credentials->Go to jaganana Gorumudda √† . Head master service->Select Month and Phase-> "chikki/Egg Receipt" -> Enter the No of Chikkis /Eggs received->Submit.
  • Head master should timely update the "Chikki receipt for 2 times monthly and "Egg receipt "for 3 times monthly at the time of receiving stock from supplier
  • All Head Master should maintain the stock detailed registers (which contains Opening balance, received, consumption, Closing balance) for chikki and eggs.

Roles and Responsibilities to Mandal Educational Officers(MEOs):

  • MEOS should confirm the school wise supply of Eggs and chikki in Jagananna Gorumudda (JGM) site, once Head Master confirms the data.
  • Acknowledgement will be generated once conformed all the chikki and eggs quantities of the schools covered under respective mandals are confirmed. 
  • MEOS should go through the egg and chikki conformation report and frequently monitor the exceptional schools which are not updating the eggs and chikki receipt.

Roles and Responsibilities to District Educational Officers(DEOS):

  • All District Educational Officers should confirm the mandal wise chikki and eggs suppled in Jagananna Gorumudda site in their logins...
  • Login through DEO credentials in JGM site-> Go to services-> Egg/Chikki Conformation.
  • If any errors found in updation of quantities of eggs and chikki, provision will be available in dist. level and state level for correction with proper acknowledgement/voucher received from the supplier. 
  • DEOS have to generate the bills on monthly basis, basing on quantities updated by MEOS in Bills module.

Role of Vendors:

  • All vendors should verify the conformation report of chikki and egg and exceptional schools which are not updating the egg/chiiki receipt in their login.
  • They should also monitor whether they have entered correct quantities or not through their logins in jagananna Gorumudda site 
  • Suppliers are responsible to supply of chiiki and egg at least before the next upcoming phase.
  • Vendors must ask HMS to update of receipt of supply of eggs and chikki by Head Master at the time of supply to that particular school.

   In view of the above, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the Mandal Educational Officers and Head Masters of all Mid Day Meal schools for confirmation of the Eggs and Chikkis bills through online only. The online confirmation of bills will be effected form 1st of April.

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