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Tuesday 22 March 2022

AIDED Teachers Transfers 2022 Web Options Form, Web Options Report

AIDED Teachers Transfers 2022 Web Options Form Aided Teachers Transfers 2022 Download Submitted Web Options Report

1. Display of signed PDF seniority and vacancies: 17.03.2022

2. Objections on Seniority If any ( at District Educational Officer Office): up to 19.03.2022

3. Redressal of Grievances/objections on seniority): 20.03.2022

4. Web options:  From 22.03.2022 to 24.03.2022

5. Allotment of places and issue of posting orders: 25.03.2022 & 26.03.2022

Web Options Form click here

Download Submitted Web Options Report click here

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