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Sunday 20 February 2022

Filling up the existing ICDS Extension Officers Grade- II Supervisors posts from the rank of Anganwadi Workers

Filling up the existing ICDS Extension Officers Grade- II Supervisors posts from the rank of Anganwadi Workers Deptt, for WCDA&SC ICDS - Filling up the existing Extension Officers Grade II (Supervisors) posts from the rank of Anganwadi Workers through Selection Committee Permission Accorded - Orders - Issued. DEPARTMENT FOR WOMEN, DIFFERENTLY ABLED AND SENIOR CHILDREN, CITIZENS

G.O.Rt.No. 25. Dated:19-02-2022 

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.14, WD,CW & DW (Estt), dated 10.05.2000. 
2. From the Director, WD&CW, Lr.No. dated 25.02.2021. 
3. G.O.Ms.No.34, Deptt., for WCDA & SC, dated 16.12.2021.


Whereas, in the G.0.1 read above, Government have formulated guidelines for appointment of Extension Officers Grade-I (Supervisors) and Extension Officers Grade-II (Supervisors) under ICDS Scheme in WD&CW Deptt., As per these guidelines, the method of appointment for Extension Officer Grade-II (Supervisors) Class-A is by direct recruitment and amendment was also made in the G.O.3rd read above for filling up of 100% quota from the eligible Anganwadi Workers through Selection Committee.

Whereas, the Director, WD&CW Dept., in her 2nd read above has informed that the Government of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O.Ms.No.23, Dept., for Women, Children, Differently Abled & Senior Citizen, dt.30.05.2014, has accorded permission for redistribution of 3655 posts of Extension Officers Gr-1 and Gr-II among 406 ICDS projects as per requirement and GOI norms in United State of Andhra Pradesh. After re-organization of United A.P., total 2235 (Grade-I-1179 & Grade-II-1056) posts of Extension Officers were allotted to Successor State of Andhra Pradesh. She further informed that the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India, vide No.CD.II-14/8/2019 CD.II (e-81788, dt.29.07.2020), has considered revamp and continuation of Anganwadi Services and approved the following.

I. Continuation of Anganwadi Services as per scope, structure and cost sharing ratio existing as on 31 March-2017 from 1st April-2017 to 30th November.
II. Continuation of Anganwadi Services as per revised scope, structure and cost-sharing ratio from 1st Decemner-2017 to 30th November-2018.

The Director, WD&CW Dept., has further stated that the posts of Extension Officer (Supervisors) are very crucial posts in the field to monitor the working of AWCs, enrolment of beneficiaries, for identification of Severely Malnourished Children, for organization of Preschool Education Activities, for Implementation of YSR Sampoorana Poshna Scheme, for effective Implementation of Nadu-Nedu Programme in the Districts etc., and it is essential to fill up the posts of Grade I & Grade II Supervisors to meet the exigency at field level. Therefore, she has requested to accord permission to fill up (i) [65] vacant posts of Extension Officer Grade-I (Supervisor) through APPSC and () [269] posts of Extension Officer Grade-II (Supervisor) as per procedure for Direct Recruitment.

The latest vacancy position of E.O Grade-II Supervisors (as per GOI guidelines) obtained from the Director, WD&CW is as follows:

Government after careful examination of the entire matter hereby accord permission to fill vacant Extension Officer Grade-II (Supervisor) 560 posts as per the statement above, in terms of the guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No.14, WD,CW & DW (Estt), dated 10.05.2000 r/w G.O.Ms.No.34, Dept., for WCDA & SC, dated 16.12.2021) from the eligible Anganwadi Workers through Selection Committee. The Selection Committee can take assistance of Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission in the selection/recruitment process.

This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Dept., vide their U.O.No.HROPDPP/32/2021 (Computer No.1370888)

The Director, WD&CW, shall take further necessary action accordingly.

Download G.O.Rt.No.25. Dated:19-02-2022, Vacancies

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