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Saturday 22 January 2022

AP PRC 2022 Minutes of the video conference

AP PRC 2022 Minutes of the video conference Cir.Memo No. 1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022-1, Dated: 22.01.2022.

Sub: Public Services-Revision of Pay Scales 2022- Minutes of the video conference held regarding the implementation of 11th PRC-Approved - Instructions issued.


1. G.O.Ms. No. 1, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dt. 17.01.2021.
2. G.O.Ms. No. 8, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dt. 17.01.2021.
3.Cir.Memo.No. 1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022-1, Date19.01.2022.
4. Minutes of the video conference held regarding the implementation of 11th PRC.

A Virtual Conference was conducted by Special Chief Secretary to Government, Finance Department at 9.30 A.M on 20-01-2022, with all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries, Assistant Treasury Officers, Sub-Treasury Officers, P.A.O, Ibrahimpatnam, DTA & CEO, APCFSS, regarding the implementation of the 11th PRC in respect of Government employees. The following officers are present:

1. Sri Shamsher Singh Rawat, I.A.S, Special C.S. to Government 
2. Sri P. Ravi Subash, I.A.S, CEO, APCFSS.
3. Sri N. Mohana Rao, DTA, AP.
4. Smt. K.Padmaja, PAO, AP. 
5. Sri Sreenivas Naik Poojari, Joint Director, DTA 
6. All the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries/ATOS/STOS.

The Director of Treasuries & Accounts in his inaugural remarks has made a power point presentation on the salient features of the 11th P.R.C., the G.O's issued and procedural guidelines issued by the Government, as follows.

1. The January, 2022 salary bills shall be prepared duly fixing pay as per PRC 2022 only for the Government employees, wherever applicable. The pay fixation has to made as per the Circular Memo No 1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022, dated 19-01-2022. 

2. A new module has been prepared by the APCFSS and deployed at for the above purpose exclusively & all the DDO's shall enter the life cycle of the employees working under their control for the period from 1-07-2018 to 31-12-2021, duly verifying their Service Registers.

3. After confirmation by the DDO with e-signature, the entire data will be made available to the Treasury officer/PAO. 

4. In turn, the Treasury Officer/PAO, should verify the details with reference to the details available in Service Register and should confirm with e signature.

5. Once the Treasury Officer/PAO confirms the data, an automatic pay fixation statement will be generated by the system and will be available in DDO login for preparation of bills.

 6. After this, a normal procedure of bill generation will take place at DDO level, where, the DDO is suppose to upload the HRA details along with deductions, etc.,

7. It was also clarified that until further orders the special pay and allowances attached to that post in old scales (RPS 2015) should be paid to the individual.

8. The bills of the employees who are not covered under 11th PRC shall be also processed in as per the norms applicable to them.

 9. After the completion of the pay fixation and the generation of the pay bill for January, 2022 the action has to be taken for the pay fixation entry in the S.R. entry & the generation of the arrear statement, as per the instructions issued in the circular memo.

The Special C.S. to Government has informed that the Virtual Conference is organized to clarify doubts, if any, regarding the procedure for pay fixation as per the 11th PRC & to also ensure that all the Government employees receive the salary for January 2022, as per the enhancement made by the 11th PRC, in time. He is further stated that it is the primary responsibility of the Finance Department & all the officers and staff of the Treasuries Department & the staff of the PAO office to ensure that the salaries are paid in time.

In view of the discussions held in the above meeting, Government direct the Director of Treasuries and Accounts to ensure the completion of the above task in time & accordingly issue the following instructions for compliance as per the timelines.

i. The Deputy Director should hold video conference with all the STO's after the completion of the virtual conference and reiterate the guidelines. 

ii. Subsequently, the STOs should hold VC/ physical meeting with all the DDOs & explain the pay fixation procedure.

iii. The DDOs should take all the steps to complete the pay fixation data entry within two days.

iv. The STOs should complete the verification process concurrently and ensure that the entire process is completed by 22-1-2022.

V. The STO's should update the progress everyday to the Deputy Director by 11.00 A.M, the DTA should have a video conference with all the DD's and update the progress to the Special Chief Secretary, by 12.00 noon daily.

vi. The CEO, APCFSS should provide all technical support, whereas the DTA must give all domain support.

vii. The CEO, APCFSS should provide a dash board to the DTA, DD, and STO, DDO wise.

viii.  The Treasury Officers should follow all the Government instructions in this regard scrupulously.

ix.  Any technical/Domain issue in this regard shall be escalated to the DTA. 

X. Similar procedure need to be followed by the PAO with reference to HOD and Secretariat offices.

xi. From 25th January 2022, the Payroll will be available to all the DDOS for all employees including other RPS 2015 employees for processing of salaries in DDOS login. The same may be filled following regular procedure for submission of bills to treasury/PAO for payment of salaries.

Government also hereby instruct all the officers to ensure that the action is taken as per the instructions issued in Circular Memo No 1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022, dated 19-01-2022, as per the timelines mentioned in the virtual conference & without any deviation.

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