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Tuesday 18 January 2022

AP Outsourcing Employees Salaries Enhanced GO 7

AP Outsourcing Employees Salaries Enhanced GO 7 Enhancement of Salaries of outsourcing employees Outsourced Manpower - Enhancement of remuneration - Orders - Issued G.O. Ms. No. 7 Dated:17.01.2022

Human Resources - Outsourced Manpower - Enhancement of remuneration - Orders - Issued G.O. Ms. No. 7 Dated:17.01.2022


G.O. Ms. No. 7 Dated:17.01.2022

Read the following: -


1. G.O.Ms.No.151, Finance (HR.I.Plg& Policy) Dept., dated.08.08.2016.

2. G.O.Ms.No.136, GA (SU.I) Department, dated:04.11.2019.


The Government, in the reference 1st read above, have issued the orders fixing the remuneration for Outsourced Manpower by re-grouping them into (3) categories i.e. Category-I, Category-II & Category-III.

  1. Further, the Government in the reference 2nd read above, have issued orders for establishing the APCOS ( Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourcing Services) for creating a transparent, accountable & sustainable Outsourcing ecosystem in the Government of Andhra
  1. After careful examination of the matter, the Government hereby order for enhancing the monthly remuneration to the Outsourced Man power as follows:




Remuneration per month (In Rs.)


Category –I



1.  Senior Assistant

2.  Senior Steno

3.  Senior Accountant

4.  Translator

5.  Data Processing Officer


Category –II

1.      Driver

2.      Junior Assistant

3.      Junior Steno

4.      Typist

5.      Telephone Operator

6.      Storekeeper

7.      Photographer

8.      Data Entry Operator

9.      Data Processing Assistant

10.   Electrician

11.   Mechanic

12.   Fitter

13.   Librarian

14.   Lab Assistant

15.   Cinema/Film/Audio visual Operator

16.   Supervisor

17.   Manager




Category –III

1.   Office Subordinate

2.   Watchman

3.   Mali

4.   Kamati

5.   Cook

6.   Chowkidar

7.   Cycle Orderly

8.   Lift Operator

9.   Lab Attendant

10.  Dafedar

11.  Jamedar

12.  Roneo /Xerox Operator

13.  Record Assistant

14.  Shroff /Cashier



  1. The enhancement of the remuneration shall come into force e.f 1st January, 2022 i.e., remuneration payable for the month of January, 2022.
  2. The above orders shall be applicable only to the outsourced employees under the purview of
  3. All the Secretariat Departments & the Heads of Departments shall take further necessary action in the matter
Download G.O. Ms. No. 7 Dated:17.01.2022
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