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Monday 13 December 2021

Maths & Science Olympiod 2021 Instructions, Schedule

Maths & Science Olympiod 2021 - Certain Instructions dt. #ApprovedDate 

Sub: A.P. Samagra Shiksha - SIEMAT - Maths & Science Olympiod - Certain Instructions issued.

Ref: AWP & B 2021-22

All the District Educational Officers& Ex-Officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are informed that the science and technology is playing vital role in the development of the country and it has transformed human life by new innovations. Science education helps to promote logical and rationalistic thinking. Scientific attitude and temperament are to be inculcated among students so as to enhance critical thinking and problem solving abilities which will in turn sprout new ideas in young minds.

Further, they are informed that the platform should be established to showcase the talent of the students. Maths & Science Olympiad /Science fairs/Science exhibitions provide ample opportunity to students to develop their scientific/technological/social skills. Apart from the scientific attitude it provides great opportunity to share their opinions, experiences, views and thoughts so as to improve their cooperative skills, managerial skills in turn provide and skills of leadership. The Maths Science Olympiads in hands on learning experiences which promote analytical skills and observation skills to solve the problems encountered in daily routine. So students enjoy learning science through such Olympiads to them maximum potential. According to the National Council for Educational Research and Training 'active learning is not employed often enough in the classroom and its absence is seen as one of the key factors behind kids losing interest in science and not performing to their potential". Maths and Science Olympiads bridge this gap in younger generation.

In this regard, to project the importance of Maths and Science Olympiads and impact of science and technology in every day life, as part of STEM - Samgra Shiksha, Andhra Pradesh has decided to conduct State level Maths & Science Olympiad by inviting innovative experimental projects from the students, classes from 6th to 10th of all schools.

The Schedule for Maths & Science Olympiad:

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers& Ex- Officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are hereby instructed to conduct the programme as per schedule. The detailed guidelines are herewith enclosed for necessary action.

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