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Friday 24 December 2021

Ed FIRST 30 day online English Speaking course - Orders, List of teachers

Memo. No: SS-15023/3/2021-SAMO-SSA, dated: 20/12/2021

Sub: Samagra Shiksha - Andhra Pradesh- Continuous Professional Development of Teachers - Ed FIRST 30 day online English Speaking course - Orders issued - Regardin


1. Lr. Rc. No. SS-15023/3/2021-SAMO-SSA, Dt.. 15/05/2021
2. Lr. Rc. No. SS-15023/3/2021-SAMO-SSA, Dt. 08/12/2021

All The District Educational Officers and Ex officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators of samagra shiksha in the State are here by informed that under continuation of professional development of teachers, samagra shiksha is conducting a 30 days online English speaking course run by Ed FIRST organization.

Therefore they are also informed that the teachers who are identified (List of Teachers is annexed) were enrolled in the online course through baseline test. User Id and Pass ward was sent to individual teacher's. mobile number.

In this connection, they are requested to instruct the teachers who joined in the course shall complete without any deviation. The course will be closed by 26-01-2022. Further they are requested to appoint a nodal person for continuous monitoring of the training and furnish their particulars to this office.

Encl: List of teachers joined the Ed FIRST 30 day online English speaking course. 

Download Memo | List of teachers

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