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Saturday 6 November 2021

NAS 2021 - Smooth conduct of NAS on 12th November 2021 Certain instructions

NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SURVEY NAS 2021 - Smooth conduct of NAS on 12th November 2021 Certain instructions

Memo No. ESE02/290/2021-SCERT dated 06/11/2021

Sub: School Education SCERT.AP-NAS 2021-Smooth conduct of NAS on 12th November, 2021 Certain instructions issued - Reg.


1. From Maneesh Garg, Joint Secretary (SS-II), MoE, DSE&L.Gol, DO letter No.19-4/2019-15-81 dated 5th November, 2021.
2. RC.NO: ESE02/290/2021-SCERT Dated:19/09/2021 of the Director, SCERT, AP

In continuation of the orders issued in the reference 2nd cited above.. the District Educational Officers & District Nodal Officers for NAS are informed that all the Districts have been appointed Fls in adequate numbers vis-a-vis the number of sampled schools. There are no gaps needs to be filled.

 Further the following guidelines are issued for smooth conduct of NAS 2021 on 12th November, 2021 in the state of Andhra Pradesh:

a. In districts where school observers are not available in required number, observers may be drawn from Departments other than School Education Department. 

b. Where ever it is not possible to appoint separate observers, the FIs may have to perform the duty of school observer which includes collection of bags from the distribution Centre and taking back the test material back to the collection centre after the survey has been conducted in the school.

c. Training videos relating to Fis and Observers are available at https://youtube.complaylist? list=PLV5Ru92ivFxzzecHndVaZSI8MmyTeWiek

d. Districts should ensure proper training of all functionaries. nominated for NAS duty.

e. All DNOS should ensure that the Fls and Observes nominated must be present (without fail) for NAS. 

f. DNOS are informed that all schools (including private schools) that non-reporting and non-sparing of Fls /Observers will be viewed seriously.

g. Since presence of Fls and Observers iextremely critical for NAS, no exemption can be given.

h. Further, DNOS/DLCS are advised to keep an advance reserve list of Fls and Observers to deal with substitute appointment on SOS basis

i. It is also requested to facilitate smooth movement of the functionaries associated with the conduct of NAS, including where ever special permissions are required.

J. DNOS should ensure that the sampled schools remain functional/open for the selected grades for smooth conduct of NAS, while observing the COVID safety protocols.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are requested to adhere the above guidelines and ensure that the NAS is conducted in a smooth manner in coordination with DLCS

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