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Monday 1 November 2021

AP Teachers Promotions 2021 for HMs, SAs - Clarifications Once reverted back from a promotion can apply after Two Years for next promotion

Once reverted back from a promotion can apply after Two Years for next promotion

Memo.No.ESE02-13021/7/2019-EST 3-CSE-Part(1) Date:01/11/2021

Sub: School Education - Promotions upto the post of Headmaster, Grade-II, School Assistants - Clarifications - issued. 

Read: Lr.Rc.No.5724/C1-C3/2021, dated:18.10.2021, of the DEO, Chittoor.

The attention of District Educational Officer, West Godavari is invited to the reference read above wherein certain clarifications were requested to clarify whether Smt M Radha Devi, SGT, MPPS Kapulapeta, Chataparru, Eluru Mandal who was previously promoted in the Year 2014 for the post of School Assistant (BS) and joined as SA on 01.09.2014 and reverted back to the post of SGT on her health grounds and joined as SGT on 25.09.2014 is eligible for promotion to any post of School Assistant and its equivalent cadre as she was reverted from School Assistant (BS)to SGT in the year 2014.

In a similar case, the Hon'ble Supreme court of India has issued judgment in Civil Appeal No.337 of 2008 as follows:-

“the order of reversion imposing a condition that the appellant shall forfeit permanently his chances for promotion the officer cadre is set aside and it is directed that he shall forfeit his chances for promotion to the officers cadre only for a period of two years from the date of order of reversion”

In this case, the individual was reverted in 2014 (Two Years completed in the reversion cadre). 

Therefore the District Educational Officer, West Godavari, Eluru is hereby instructed to consider the request of the individual for promotion as the period from date of reversion is more than 2 years and also she is requested to call for explanation from the individual for not attending previous promotion counselling and requesting promotion after a gap of 5 years from the date of eligibility, if the explanation of the individual is not satisfactory, initiate disciplinary action against the individual as per A.P.C.S (CCA) Rules, 1991. 

This has got the approval of Director of School Education, AP, Amaravati.

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