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Friday 8 October 2021

Unauthorized absence for duties for more than one month - Updation of details of the HMs/teachers - Instructions, Google Form Link

Updation of unauthorized absence for duties details of the HMs / Teachers  for more than one month - instructions 

Memo.No. ESE02-13021/12/2021-EST 3-CSE Date:08/10/2021 

Sub: School Education – link provided for updation of details of the HMs/teachers working in MPP/ZPP/Govt., - unauthorized absence for duties for more than one month– instructions - Issued.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the subject cited and they are informed that, a link is herewith provided through google forms, to to fill up the particulars of HMs/teachers of Govt/ZP/MPP who are on unauthorized absence for more than one month. 

Hence, they are requested to communicate the link to all the DDOs/Head Masters working under their respective jurisdictions with instructions to update the details of the HMs/ teachers working in ZPP/MPP/Govt., and who are unauthorized absence from duties for more than one month on or before 12.10.2021 wNc2UxVg5A/edit

This item of work should be treated as Most Urgent.

Download Memo | Update details Google Form Link

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