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Monday 18 October 2021

Engaging Guest Faculty against the vacant posts of CRTS and PGTS in all the KGBVS

Rc. No. SS-21021/116/2021-IED & KGBV-SSA Dated: :18/10/2021

Sub: APSS- KGBVs - Engaging Guest Faculty against the vacant posts of CRTS and PGTS in all the KGBVS temporarily on hourly basis for the academic year 2021 22 Certain Guidelines -Issued.

It is brought to the notice of the authorities that there are some vacancies in teaching posts in the specified subjects in many KGBVS and there is dire need to provide teaching staff against existing vacant posts i.e., CRTS and PGTS in the concerned KGBVs to avoid instructional loss to the students in this academic year. As the proposals for appoint teaching staff are under active consideration, the Executive Committee of Samagra Siksha, AP, has decided to give permission to engagethe Guest Faculty against the existing vacant posts of CRTS and PGTS in all the KGBVS for the academic year 2021-22.

All the District Educational Officers and the Additional Project Coordinators in the State are, therefore, instructed to take immediate necessary action in the matter as for the following guidelines:

a. The process of engaging the Guest Faculty shall be commenced from 21.10.2021 and shall be completed by 31.10.2021 and the compliance report along with details of appointed Guest Faculty shall be submitted to this office on or before 01.11.2021.

b. If any Guest Faculty was engaged earlier and working till now, they shall be discontinued forthwith and shall ensure that none of their names appear in the Government records and no certification of teaching experience is provided to them as a measure of abundant precaution and to avoid their future claims for employment in the Government.

c. All the Guest Facultynow appointed shall be female and Lecturers / School Assistants / Secondary Grade teachers who were retired on superannuation under Government/ZP managements, and all are eligible for appoint against existing vacant posts of CRTS / PGTS. However, they shall possess the requisite qualifications of the post as per norms of the Samagra Siksha. 

d. A District Level committee is to be constituted for selection of the Guest Faculty as follows and the Guest Faculty shall be appointed on approval of the District Level Committee only:

i. Joint Collector (Development) - Chairman
 ii. Additional Project Coordinator - Member Convener
iii. District Educational Officer - Member 
iv. GCDO, Samagra Shiksha- Member
v. One Principal, Residential Junior College - Member
(APSW, BCW, TW, and MW) 
vi. Principal, DIET - Member
vii. Principal of the concerned KGBV Member

b. The APCS shall make arrangements for identifying existing vacancies in all KGBVS of their concerned districts and shall invite applications school wise, Subject wise and post category wise.

c. After scrutinizing the applications duly verifying the qualifications and eligibility in transparent manner, all the eligible applications shall be submitted to the District Level Committee for approval. If more than: one application is received against a post, the District Level Committee shall confirm one application only after conducting a demo class to all the eligible. 

d. The Guest Faculty now appointed against the existing vacant posts of CRTS and PGTS in all the KGBVS are purely temporary on hourly basis for the academic year 2021-22 only and they will continue till the vacancies are filled as per norms or till the end of the academic year 2021-22 whichever is earlier and it should be clearly mentioned in the letter of engagement. 

e. The remuneration for Guest Faculty appointed against existing vacant CRT post shall be paid on hourly basis @ Rs.150/ (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only) per period, not exceeding 100 periods per month.

f. The remuneration for Guest Faculty appointed against existing vacant PGT post shall be paid on hourly basis @ Rs.250/- (Rupees Two hundred and Fifty only) per period and not exceeding 40 periods per month.

g. The remuneration of the Guest Faculty now appointed shall be met from the Salary intervention. It is responsibility of the DPCs/ the APCS in the State to furnish the data regarding the Guest Faculty engaged in the KGBVs to the State office and to obtain the Budget Estimations and releases.

h. Engaging any personnel on contract/ outsourcing basis without prior approval of the state authorities shall be invalid and such actions will be viewed seriously. Any deviations against the guidelines issued, the concerned officials are liable for disciplinary action.

This should be treated as most Urgent and the receipt of these proceedings shall be acknowledged.

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