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Thursday 30 September 2021

Re-conducting of Parent Committee elections where elections were not conducted

Memo.No. SSA-16021/1/2019-MIS SEC-SSA, Dt: 30/09/2021

Sub: Samagra Shiksha- Instructions on re conducting of Parent Committee elections where elections were not conducted on 22.09.2021 Instructions issued - Reg.


1 Memo.No.ESE01-SEDNOSPD/110/2019-PROG-II-5. Dt:31.08.2021. 
2 Guidelines for reconstitution of parent committees
3 Representations received from the APCS.
4 This office Memo. No. SSA-16021/1/2019-MIS Dt:19.09.2021,
5 This office Memo. No. SEC-SSA- SSA-16021/1/2019-MIS SEC-SSA. Dt:21.09.2021

The attention of the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are invited to the references cited and it is informed that instructions were issued to reconstitute the parent committees in the State and certain clarifications also issued in this regard. 

It is further informed that all the DEOS & APCS have reported that they could not reconstitute the parent committees in certain schools due to lack of quorum and other various reasons. 

 The State Project Director. Samagra Shiksha. Andhra Pradesh considering the representations of the DEOS & APCs have accorded permission to re conduct the elections where parent committees could not be reconstituted on 22.09.2021. The elections should be conducted on 06.10.2021 and information should reach to this office by 07.10.2021 without fail.

However, no elections shall be held in Kadapa district as the model code of conduct has come into operation due to the By election for Badwel constituency. 

This shall be attended to on priority.

This has got the approval of the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Andhra Pradesh..

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