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Thursday 9 September 2021

Municipal Education. Assessment of School Buildings - Immediate measures to be take up on the dilapidated structures

Roc.No.11021/8/2020/E1, Dated 06/09/2021.

Sub: MA&UD Dept. - Municipal Education. Assessment of School Buildings - Immediate measures to be take up on the dilapidated structures - Instructions - reiterated - Reg.


1. This office Circular Roc. No. 11021/89/2019 JSEC(2632992/2019/11), dated 28.06.2019.
2. This office Cir.Roc.No.11021/103/2019/JSEC (2710837/2019/13), dated 20.07.2019.
3. This office Cir.Roc.No.11021/103/2019/JSEC (2710837/2019/13), dated 25.10.2019.
4. This office Cir.Roc.No.11021/8/2020-JSEC (3227265/2020-J1), dated 12.01.2020.

The attention of all the Commissioners of (59) ULBS where Municipal Schools exist are invited to the references cited, wherein instructions were issued from time to time on conducting assessment of Structural Soundness of all schools Buildings & compound walls in the Municipal Schools with the Municipal Engineers and take immediate action to demolish the structure which are in dilapidated conditions as well as compound walls with the Town Planning Officials of ULB as per procedure, before the rainy season, so as to prevent the human loss and to take necessary action for re-construction of demolished structure, if any, immediately. Further they were instructed to take up minor repairs to classrooms, if requires, may be taken up from the ULB General Funds, immediately.

Further they were also instructed to identify the trees which are weakened in their roots and branches which are situated within the School premises and ready to fall at any time shall be cut-off, immediately, to avoid untoward incidents in order to protect the lives of the students, as per rules & procedure in force.

In this connection, all the Commissioners of (59) ULBS are hereby directed pay their personal attention and give necessary instructions to the Municipal Engineers/Town Planning Staff/HMs to take up and complete the assessment of structural soundness of Class rooms, Compound walls and others as mentioned above and take immediate remedial measures on priority basis duly following the instructions issued by this office from time to time, without fail.

All the RDMAS in the State are also directed to bestow their personal interest and ensure the above directions are compile with by the Commissioners of ULBS, in their region and submit compliance report in the matter without fail.

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