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Tuesday 3 August 2021

Terminating the services of Ektha Sakthi Foundation from providing Midday meals

Memo.No. ESE02-27021/179/2020-CSE-MDM Dt:03/08/2021

Sub: School-Education- "Jagananna Gorumudda" (MDM) Scheme - Distribution of Dry Ration consisting of Rice, Eggs and Chikkies to all eligible students in different phases & MDM being served by M/s Ekta Sakthi foundation - Certain allegations levelled against the foundation on supply of cooked food Reports - termination of services - orders- Reg 


1. Lr.Rc.No.MDM/D1/2021, Dated: 21.02.2021 of the District Educational Officer, East Godavari.
2. Rc.No.68 /MDM/2021 Dated: 17.02.2021 of the District Educational Officer, West Godavari 3.Rc.No:1408(Egg)/E1/2019. Dated: 24.02.2021 of the District Educational Officer, Prakasam 
4. This office Memo No. ESE02-27021/179/2020-CSE-MDM dated;08/04/2021
6. Letter from Ekta Sakthi Foundation, dated: 01/05/2021 7. Note orders of the Government Dt:28/06/2021

The attention of the District Educational Officers is drawn to the reference 1st to 3rd read above, wherein it has been reported that Ekta Sakthi Foundation was not supplying Cooked Food in hygienic condition and also Eggs were not supplied along with Food. 

The following are the allegations levelled against the agency:

  • In East Godavari district, the dry ration for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th phases to the High schools in the mandal were not supplied. The 7th, 8th and 9th phase Dry Ration Eggs for Primary and Upper Primary Schools were also not supplied.
  • The amounts towards honorarium for the Cook cum Helpers had not been paid to them, even though the Government have released the amount.
  • The Assistant Director (MDM) and Superintendent of West Godavari visited Government Girls High School, Eluru and reported that the items were tasteless and also the agency had not supplied egg. In fact the DEO also tasted the food and opinend that which was not good at all.
  • The Deputy Inspector of Schools, Eluru (U) visited Eastern Street H G MPL Primary, 7th Division, Eluru on 16.02.2021 and stated in his report that, the food was not supplied as per the Menu by the agency and Egg was not supplied. The quality of Pulihora and Tomato Dal were not good. The consistency of Dal was like Sambar. Majority of the students were reluctant to take tasteless food being supplied by the Agency.
  • The Deputy Educational Officer, Eluru and Deputy Inspector of Schools, Urban, Eluru visited Municipal High School, Gandhi Nagar, Eluru and reported that, the EKTA Shakti Foundation had not supplied the food to the Students in proper way and Students voices were not listened and Students were facing a lot of inconvenience and unable to take food at the time of Lunch (MDM). Some of the students were going to home for taking Lunch during Lunch time. The Students were losing their appetite, due to Taste Less Food. It caused disturbance of School Timings and students were not concentrated on class rooms.
  • The District Educational Officer, Prakasam in the reference 3rd cited, reported that, the Ektha Sakthi Centralized Kitchen, Ongole has not been maintained MDM Menu prescribed by the Government. They were not supplying food to the students in time and not in a hygienic of food condition. The quality of t supplying by them was not satisfactory and not in good taste, and they were not supplying food properly to the elementary school students. The same was published in all vers in this matter and alsu eyys to the students under newspapers Phase III Dry ration were not supplied till now.

In view of the above, the Project Director, Ekta Sakthi Foundation, Andhra Pradesh was instructed to submit his explanations on the above issues vide reference 4th cited along with adverse news published in several news papers and why the foundation may not be terminated from the supply of Cooked Food to the School where Ekta Sakthi Foundation is supplying the Cooked food keeping in view of the health hazard of the Children. Ekta Sakthi Foundation relied vide refrence 5th cited and the reply was neither satisfactory nor convincing.

Inspite of several instructions and reminders given to improve the quality, the agency failed to maintain quality and adhere to the instructions, and as there is no chance of further improvement, it is decided to terminate the services of Ektha Sakthi Foundation from providing Midday meals to students under Jagananna Gorumudda scheme with immediate effect.

Further, the District Educational Officers of East Godavari, West Godavari and Prakasam districts shall take necessary action to ensure that, the pending amounts towards honorarium for the Cook cum Helpers to be paid have to be settled immediately by the agency and also to ensure that any dues to be paid to Ekta Sakthi to the Government should be recovered.

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