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Tuesday 17 August 2021

Collective efforts of the Education Officers and Teachers in improving the minimum learning outcomes of the students

Rc.No. ESE02-30/9/2021-PESHI-CSE     #Approved by date#

School Education - SCERT - The collective efforts of the Education Officers and Teachers, Sri Aurobindo Society seeks to contribute in improving the minimum learning outcomes of the students-selection of 50 primary School teachers per district - Furnish details - orders issued - Reg

Read: Letter from State Coordinator, Aurobindo Society.

The present time of pandemic has once again reinforced the importance of digital interventions in education. In the last academic year of 2020-2021, the schools remained closed for the students for the majority of the period. With the provision of online and offline classes the education of the students continued.

In this context as per the reference above cited Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry organising a collective efforts of the Education Officers and Teachers in improving the minimum learning outcomes of the students.

A brief action plan for academic year 2021-2022 is as follows:

  • List of 50 Primary School Teachers across all the blocks of districts to be provided by District Education Officers. These teachers will be oriented over 35 modules of Innovative Pathshala Alternative Academic Calendar being proposed by NCERT for attaining Minimum Learning Outcome among students along with the teacher's testimonial video on the program.
  • These teachers should connect to minimum 20 students through online mode or offline or through parental guidelines so that we create joyful and holistic development among our students. The assessment will be done through AuroScholart app and feedback videos of students and their parents.
  • These teachers will help us to get their school recognized as Role Model Schools in their districts with ensuring Experiential and joyful teaching in their school post pandemic and active participation in online education during the pandemic. Sri Aurobindo Society will ensure their online presence by creating Webpages for the schools where they can update various engaging initiatives being taken by the school..
  • Interview with District Education Officers to know their feedbacks over the program getting implemented and know their viewpoints pandemic situation.

In view of the above All the District Educational officers in the state are requested to identify 50 best/passionate/interested primary teachers per district and send the details in the given format on or before 05.07.2021 with out fail.

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