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Thursday 22 July 2021

National Reading Digital Day / Reading Month Celebrations 2021 - Action Plan

National Reading Digital Day / Reading Month Celebrations 2021

Rc.No. SS-15024/26/2021-DIR-SSA Dated: 18/07/2021

Sub: School Education - P.N. Panicker National Reading Digital Day / Reading month celebrations 2021 - action plan - Regarding.


1. e-Mail from Sri. Maneesh Garg, JS (SS-II) Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, dt:14-6-2021. 
2. Anitha Karwal, IAS, Secretary, DSE&L, MHRD, Gol, New Delhi, Dt:02-06-2021.
3. Dr.Prem Singh, Advisor, NITI Ayog, Dt: 02-06-2021

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are informed that in the reference 3rd cited Dr. Prem Singh, Advisor, NITI Ayog has mentioned that NEP-2020 emphasis on How to Read', 'Learn to Read' 'read to Learn'. Kerala State Government has been celebrating 19th June as the "Day of Reading" to honour Sri. P.N.Panicker 'Father of Library Movement in Kerala'. The Hon'ble Prime Minister inaugurated 22nd National Level Reading Day and Reading Month celebrations at Kochi on 17th June 2017.

Further it was informed that in view of the pandemic Reading Day and Reading Month celebrations 2021 will be held online.

The message of Reading and Digital Reading shall reach to all children in the State and motivate them to participate in online activities. It is also suggested to organize activities with enhanced focus on promoting Online/ Offline reading activities for School/ college students, teachers, faculty members and librarians as part of reading Mission 2022. The Reading activities as detailed from annexure- 1 to annexure-4 may be undertaken.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principals of DIETS are requested to communicate the above action plan to all the field functionaries, headmasters, teachers and students and ensure to complete the scheduled activities smoothly.

Encl: Annexures



From Preschool to Class 2:

  • Read Aloud Stories by children, older students, parents
  • Story telling
  • Make new story books with pictures from news papers
Class 3 to 5:
  • Picture reading and writing by using pictures from news papers, Magazines and other books
  • Reading story books and discussion
Class 6 to 8:
  • Online Reading Competitions
  • Story, slogan writing
  • News, Articles reading and writing
  • Poster making
  • Elocution
  • Role play.
  • Short story, poem writing
  • Discussion on stories read- Mini assignments
Class 9 to 12:
  • Read articles in Newspapers (Sports, Politics, Celebrities, Cinema...)
  • Read books bring from libraries
  • My favourite book - Reading and review writing share
  • Reading Classical Literature

Suggested books for teachers (10 books of Biography Autobiography / Travelogue/ Classic literature)


Before reopening of Schools:

The following online activities may be conducted during this pandemic and teachers may be requested to guide the students accordingly:


General Instructions:

  • All these competitions are online mode.
  • Competitions shall be conducted at 3 levels. (Level-1 classes 3 to 5, Level-2: Classes 6 to 8, Level-: Classes 9 and 10 )
  • All students under all managements except Private Unaided Schools are eligible to participate in this competition.
  • Competitions shall be conducted at Mandal Level
  • MEO shall create one Whatsapp number exclusively for this competitions in each Mandal
  • MEO shall conduct one hour online meeting with teachers working in their concerned Mandal and explain modalities of the Reading competitions. 
  • All school teachers shall communicate to their students through whatsapp and orient them how to participate in this activity.
  • Teachers shall support students in selection of stories and articles/news items.
  • Teacher shall prepare a model read aloud audio clip and send it to their students through whatsapp and train them to read aloud on their own way. 
  • Select best five in each category at Mandal level and honour them with Digital Certificate.


After re-opening of Schools:

It is further informed that year long activities are suggested to promote reading habit among students at all stages. Competitions shall be conducted for students in 4 stages.

  • Stage-1 (Classes I and II). 
  • Stage-2 (Classes III to V)
  • Stage-3 (Classes VI to VIII)
  • Stage -4 (Classes IX to XII).

Competitions shall be conducted in 8 areas for all stages at School, Mandal, District and State level. Details of the competitions are here under:

Tentative schedule is as follows:

Download Proceedings, Action Plan

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