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Monday 26 July 2021

Display of Seniority list of SGTS / School Assistants and equivalent cadres in DEO websites

Display of Seniority list of SGTS / School Assistants and equivalent cadres in respective district DEO websites.

RC.No. 13028/9/2021-EST 3 Dated:26/07/2021.

School Education - Preparation of Seniority Lists of SGTS/School Sub:- Assistants and equivalent cadres in respective Districts and display in the district websites to take up promotions- Certain Instructions - Issued-Reg. 


1.This Office Proc.Rc.No.13028/9/2021- Est 3 dt.14.07.2021. 
2. Meeting conducted with ASO/APOS at CSE Office on 22.07.2021. 
3.Monthly promotion requests made by several Teachers/Teacher Associations.


In continuation of this office proceedings in the reference 1st read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education/District Educational officers in the state are informed that monthly promotions to teachers in ZP/MPP/government schools have not been taken up due to general transfers of teachers and non-completion of transfer process due to various court cases filed by teachers working municipal located area/ Headmasters Grade-II/School Assistants (Telugu/ Hindi/Physical Education) etc. 

2 During a meeting conducted with ASOS/APOs/Staff of DEOS Offices in the reference 2nd read above, they have expressed the following difficulties for completion of seniority lists of all cadres as per the instructions issued in the reference 1st cited. 

a. Cadre wise seniority lists are not readily available with the Offices of the District Educational Officers. 

b. Latest qualifications/service particulars are to be obtained from field level through proper channel to update the data.

c. The particulars of teachers who got promotions recently during general transfer counselling are to be obtained from the concerned teachers through concerned MEOS/H.M.s/DyEOS.

d. Other important items of work like completion of transfers of teachers that worked in schools located in municipal areas, clearance of court cases and other IT related issues.

3. In this connection, they requested to provide some more time to complete the above process. It is also observed that a number of court cases are coming up because of taking up promotions in a hurry without giving adequate time to the teachers to raise objections if any and without scrutinizing the objections and finalizing the seniority lists in a hurry.

4. In view of the above circumstances, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education / District Educational officers in the state are requested to take necessary action as per the revised schedule to display seniority lists of SGTS / School Assistants and equivalent cadres in the websites of respective Districts so as to take up promotions after clearance of general transfers court cases including Municipal area located schools teachers. (counselling), HM Grade-II, School Assistant (Telugu/Hindi/Physical Education).

Further , they are requested to complete the process without any deviation.

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