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Thursday 1 July 2021

AP SSC Pubic Examinations, 2021 - Cancellation of Examinations - High Power Committee to evolve the procedure for declaration of results

SSC Pubic Examinations, 2021  Result High Power Committee to evolve the procedure for declaration of AP Class 10 results 2021

Rc.No:GE-CPRO0RSLT(ROR)/3/2021-DGE, Dt: 01/07/2021

Sub: SSC Pubic Examinations, 2021 -Cancellation of Examinations due to COVID-19 in the state - Constitution of High Power Committee to evolve the procedure for declaration of results of SSC Public Examinations 2021 Orders - Issued - Reg.


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has ordered for the cancellation of the SSC Public Examinations June 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic in the state and has ordered for the Constitution of High Power committee to evolve the basis/procedure for the declaration of the results.

2. As directed by Government, the following committee is hereby constituted with a Chairperson and members. The details of the Committee are as follows:

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee:

 Following are the Rules and Responsibilities of the committee:

a. To evolve a fair and unbiased procedure for declaration of results.
2. The committee may convene online meetings for discussions and record their consent through online.
3. Committee can justify its roles anresponsibilities when the members are well acquainted with the committee with the policy. They should also have discussions among themselves to arrive at a common understanding.
4. Once a committee is well acquainted with thcommittee, they will take stock of the ground reality in the school and frame the rationale for assessment. Therefore, to fnalize the plan for the completion of the task.
5. Thcommittee can make its own schedule based on the timespan provided by DSE, A.P.
6. In case required, opinion of other subject teachers may also be obtained bythe committee.
7. Alproceedings shall be recorded in a rationale document by the committee.
8. The committee shall keep all the proceedings confidential.
9. The convener of the committee will provide necessary information and assistance to the committee and make arrangements for correct uploading of the data.

The roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson of the committee:

  1. Chairperson of the committee will discuss in detail about the modality toassess and take a decision in a fair and equitable manner.
  2. Maco-opt one or two-members in the committee to deliver fair and justify the result.
  3. Will ensure that work is completed within schedule and therefore prepare their own schedule and communicate to all committee members to abide by it.
  4. Fix the meeting of the committee members.
  5. Recording of all events and decision in the Rationale document.
  6. Providing records to the committee through the Convener/IT Personnel.
  7. Provide a certificate at the end of the Rationale document that a fair and just result has been prepared without any bias or favour to any student.
  8. Any other requirement to fulfil the responsibility of the committee.
  9. To furnish the final modalities to the DSE, AP within 10 working days.

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