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Saturday 26 June 2021

MDM School Sanitation - Instructions on Receipt of Cleaning Tools / School Sanitation Material

MDM & School Sanitation - Instructions on Receipt of Cleaning Tools / School Sanitation Material. 

Memo. ESE02- 27023 /1/2021 /-MDM-SS-CSE Dt:24/06/2021 
Sub:- Midday Meals & School Sanitation - Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF) Supply of Chemicals/ Cleaning Tools/Accessories to all Govt., Schools/ Junior colleges for Toilet maintenance - Receipt/Storage/Distribution - instructions - Issued-Regarding. 

1.G.O.Ms.No.22 School Education (Prg-1) Department, dt.12-03-21.
2. Procurement of material through e-procurement process.
3.This Office Memo.No. 27023/1/2021, MDM&SS, dated; 25-05-2021 
4. This Office Memo.No ESE02/27023/1/2021/MDM-SS Dt; 03-06-2021

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State are drawn to the references read above, and in continuation of the instructions issued there in, it is informed that, e-procurement tender process is taken up for supply of (i) Cleaning Tools (ii) Bathroom Plastic Accessories and supply orders are given/ being given. The supply process will commence soon to all Mandals in the state. The MEOs/ RIOs shall facilitate the delivery of the material to the school points.

The following Category of items will be delivered to all Mandals soon:
  • (A) Cleaning Tools: (i) Bathroom Wiper with long handle (ii) Refill Wiper (iii) Mop with Long handle (iv) Refill Mop (v) Hard bristles brush with long handle and (vi) Toilet brush
  • (B) Bathroom Plastic Accessories; (i) Plastic Bucket (ii) Plastic Mug (iii) Mini Bucket and (iv) Swing Lid Dust bin.
The items Of (a) Cleaning Tools and (b) Bathroom Plastic Accessories to be supplied to each Ayah in the School/Junior College is as follows:

Cleaning Tools
SI.NoCleaning ToolsNo.of Items per Ayah
2REFILL WIPER www.gsrmaths.in2
Bathroom Plastic Accessories
S.NoBathroom Plastic AccessoriesNo. of item per Ayah
1Plastic Bucket1
2Plastic Mug1
3Plastic Mini BucketBased on toilets
4Swing lid Plastic Dust Bin

The specifications of each item are enclosed in Annexure I & II. The school/ Junior college wise / Mandal wise details of quantities of each item of Cleaning Tools and Bathroom Plastic Accessories to be supplied is enclosed to this Memo as Annexure III & IV separately.

The details of suppliers/ their representatives, contact no.s will be provided to the DEOs/Mandal Educational Officers and the contact no.s of MEOs will be provided to the suppliers for easy interaction and receipt of material on time / as per schedule.

On receipt of material, (i) it should be verified whether the material is received in good condition and the quantity and shall be acknowledged on the same day. (ii) Simultaneously, the quantities received item wise shall be uploaded in the format in IMMS App on the same day.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State, are requested to take immediate action in the matter.

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