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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Uploading of photos and Video by Head Masters of Nadu Nedu Phase-1 - Instructions, Link

Circular no: 1371705/276/MBNN/2021, Date: 26/04/2021

Sub: MBNN - Quality Education - SIEMAT/SAMO Shagun Digital Repository for showcasing success stories - Formation of a evaluation committee for certifying the e-context to upload on Shagun portal - Certain Instructions issued - Reg 

Ref: 1. U.O.Note.No.SS-15024/7/2021-SAMO, dated:-25/02/2021

2. Lr.D.O.No.17-2/2020-KT, dated: 08.02.2021 from the Secretary, Ministry of Education, Dept. of SE & L, Gol, New Delhi.

All the District Educational Officers / the APCs, SS in the State are hereby informed that, the Shagun repository has been designed to change the narrative on school education by showcasing the multitude of innovative and successful models being implemented by schools and also providing a platform for all stakeholders to learn from each other. It enables these successful initiatives to be replicated and taken to scale and will also encourage positive competition.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers / the APCS, SS in the State are instructed to issue necessary instructions to the Concerned Head Masters of  Nadu Nedu phase-1 schools in the respective district to develop relevant images, videos of the activities and best practices being carried out by them and to upload the same at the link https://forms.gle/WqfeRKccL2qLxW5v7 on or before 10-05-2021.

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