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Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Implementation issues - adjustment of surplus funds to needy schools

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Transfer Entry Order mechanism for fund transfer -

Circular no: 1322231/MBNN/2021 Date: 05/02/2021

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Implementation issues - adjustment of surplus funds to needy schools - Transfer Entry Order mechanism for fund transfer - regarding 

Ref: Circular No. 1302790/MBNN/2020, Dt. 21.12.2020.

The first phase infrastructure works under Nadu-Nedu were taken up through Parent Committees and are on the verge of completion. The Parent Committees have procured cement, sand, bricks, aggregate etc. for the purpose of execution of the works. The PC s also have procured furniture, green boards, fans, almirahs etc. through an indent system on a central procurement platform.

Further, vide reference cited instructions were issued to all the PCs, HMs, AE /Engg Assistants , MEOs and all the implementing agencies to take up school wise analysis regarding the availability of materials and funds. 3. There are some schools where surplus funds are available in their bank accounts after completing of all the civil works. This money should be returned back. And there are some schools which require additional funds beyond administrative sanction. Schools originally sanctioned RF but subsequently deleted:

There are some schools which were given revolving fund and were later deleted from the sanctioned list, because of Covid and other valid reasons. Such schools also have to transfer that fund to the needy schools now with the approval from JC Development. The District Educational officer shall identify such schools through MEOS.

In order to facilitate transfer of funds from surplus schools to needy schools within the District it is proposed to implement TEO (Transfer Entry Order) system for funds with the approval of JC Development.

Process of transfer of funds:

  • The Headmaster with the approval of the Parents Committee and its resolutions will raise a request to Addl.Project Co coordinator for transfer surplus funds. The Addl. Project Co-ordinator will identify the schools which need additional funds and will allot to ncedy schools. The allotment shall be done by way of proceeding generated through STMS. The funds transfer proceedings will appear in the logins of H.Ms who are transferring funds and receiving funds.
  • TCS will deduct the funds from the sending schools add in the recipient school and make necessary changes in the expenditure statements of the concerned school.
  • The APC and Joint Collector shall obtain the list of schools and surplus amount available with the school from the MEOs in the format enclosed in annexure. The DEO shall propose the transfer entry from one school to another school based on the actual need and take approval from the JC development. The same shall be entered in STMS by FAO.
  • The TEO format is enclosed as annexure to this circular. Necessary provision shall be made available by M/S TCS enabling the transfer of funds. This circular shall also be made available in the documents section in website www.nadunedu.se.ap.gov.in
  • All the DEOs, APCs, EEs are requested to supervise this TEO (fund transfer) mechanism and ensure that the surplus funds are appropriately used in needy schools. The DEO shall also coordinate between the schools for fund transfer accordingly.

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